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1/15/02 - Some interesting developments in the "Adult Swim" world! Earlier today, I heard from Toonzone that Cartoon Network was changing it's Saturday night schedule. Starting February 23, Cowboy Bebop will be playing at 11:30PM on Saturdays, along with an extra long block of action anime. At first, word was sketchy as to the import of this schedule change. Now it becomes clear: According to Matt Wilson of Toonzone, this extended late-night Saturday action block is indeed connected to Adult Swim! This means that the new shows aquired for this special block will recieve the same editing standard as Cowboy Bebop, SG: C2C, and the other shows on AS! It also means that CN is breaking up its comedy night from its action/adventure/drama night. Also, since Tenchi and Outlaw Star have been added to the block, it could mean that those shows will be re-edited to fit AS's adult standards! Yay for late night anime!! If you would like to learn about the new anime that CN has acquired for the block, you can read some blurbs here.

1/13/02 - Welcome to the new home for "The Jazz Messengers." Among the many benefits of moving here are my own domain name, much more space, and a 20gig file transfer limit. Of course, I'm still a bit worried about the file transfer thing, because I suspect that we've been using more than 20gigs. Hopefully I'm wrong though. Anyhoo, the only thing I've changed in the website is the CDs page. Now that I have enough space for it, I have all the tracks from the remixes CD for download. Enjoy! And don't forget to change your bookmarks!

1/09/02 - Hmm. Some how I was expecting a bigger response than this. I mean, I figured that at least one or two people would want a free 25 bucks, even if they weren't interested in funding my website. Er, if anyone does decide to help me out, then I just want to let you know that the deal expires at the end of the month, so please hurry! Regardless of whether I get the funds through ING referrals or not, I am going to move this website. My new domain name is You can visit it, but right now there's only a place holder page for, the company I registered the domain name with.

1/01/02 - Ok, ok, my last message was a little more dire than neccessary. Andy says that I can stay here and as long as that holds true then I won't have any problems paying the bills. However, it's still a good idea for you guys to prudent in regards to bandwidth - what I said about that still applies.

1/01/02 - Happy New Year! Unfortunately, I don't have the best of news right now. This website is taking a tremendous amount of bandwidth, and as such I will very likely have to move it. Now, the place that I want to move it to will give me 20gigs file transfer (good!) but will cost more than I can really afford to expend (bad!). Luckily, the donations that I've already gotten through this site will pay for a couple of months, at least (thanks to those of you who donated. Love ya. ^_^ ) But after that . . . I don't know. I think I'm probably going to set up a "Debt-o-meter" like what's at Toonami: Digital Arsenal. The only other alternative is to greatly reduce the amount of downloadable material that I have, something that I don't want to do. The best thing you can do to help at the moment is: a) curb your downloads. Only download one or two MP3s at a time. And certainly, never remotely link to any MP3. or, b) donate some money to the tip jar. P.S. The edits for Waltz for Venus will be up soon, I promise. I was just working on *something* for this website that's distracting me from that purpose. ^_^

12/31/01 - Some interesting news for Bebop in the USA. You may or may not have already heard that the Bebop manga (comics) will be released statewide sometime next year; now we have news that Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide will be published for the US of A in January. You can preorder it now from

12/29/01 - I'll probably regret this in the morning, but I've put up all the MP3s from both the Cowboy Bebop movie albums. If you want to download them, they may be found on the CDs page. I recommend Butterfly, What Planet is This?, Ask DNA, and Pushing the Sky. Happy listening.

12/24/01 - Sorry I don't have the edits up, you'll just have to wait for me to get them on Thursday. My familiá are in town, so as you might expect I haven't been watching much tv. However, in a nicely Coboy Bebop-esque twist, while Adult Swim was playing I was wiping the floor with my relations in poker. ;)

12/19/01 - Dude. Lord of the Rings. Go see it. Now.

12/17/01 - 10,000 hits! Oh yeah! Also, I put Mr. Lucas' letter as well as some of the questions I asked him in the miscellaneous section, if you're interested.

12/16/01 - The edit list for Sympathy for the Devil is up, and it's quite a bit less edited than I expected. In fact, there was more blood allowed in this episode than there was in The Real Folk Blues, pt. 1. Odd.

12/15/01 - Nothing, a very reliable source of Adult Swim information, has informed me that none of the edits for Cowboy Bebop have been changed from the first run. So much for hoping that they would be less anal about edits the second time around. ^_^; Anyway, Sympathy For The Devil is going to premiere this Sunday, so be sure you watch it.

12/13/01 - Mr. Lucas has given me permission to print his letter, so here it is. I hope that clears things up for everyone (it certainly did for me). Mr. Lucas also answered a few of my questions, which I'll post somewhere on this website when I find the time.

12/13/01 - It seems I've been spreading a certain misinformation through my website. Now that I know the truth I'm very upset with myself, I hope that I haven't done any irreparable damage. It turns out that David Lucas is not the same person as Steve Blum. I recieved a letter from Mr. Lucas today in which he states quite emphatically that not only are they not one in the same, but that the spreading of this rumor has endangered Mr. Blum's Career. I am most deeply sorry for my role in this fiasco, and I ask that anyone who reads this spread the truth of the matter. If I get his permission, I will reprint Mr. Lucas's letter in full. I've removed Mr. Blum's voice reels, hopefully I will be able to get one of Mr. Lucas's voice reels in their stead.

12/08/01 - An interesting development for the Cowboy Bebop movie. I'd heard rumors of this before, but now it is confirmed: Columbia/TriStar is "aggressively pursuing" the rights to "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." To me, this can only mean one thing -- a theartrical release. Read Anime News Network's story here.

12/08/01 - False alarm. There were no changes in the edits for the first two episodes. That's kind of predictible, since the edits for those episodes were fairly reasonable. I'm still hoping to see some of the more absurd edits changed. We shall see. Meanwhile, I'm working on. . . . something. . . . for this website that I think you'll like. ;) Er, at least I hope you do. Anyway, if you noticed that I'm a bit slow answering e-mails, that's the reason. One more thing - several people have asked me if I'm going to do a page about "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", the Cowboy Bebop movie. The answer is yes, but not right away. What I mean is, I'm not interested in getting a fansub of the movie; I prefer the English language version of the series, and I'd like to see how the English language version of the movie turns out (please God let Animaze get to do the movie dub. If they get a different cast and crew, it could be truly awful.) An English version of the movie is a long way off, though, so any review that I might do of it is as well.

12/03/01 - Damn it. Apparently, the edits for CB have changed (a good thing), and I missed them. I had fully intended to record the episodes, too, but the TV was claimed by a member of my family. *sigh* Well, I will get them on Thursday, anyway. It will be interesting to see what they change. I'm betting that some of the sillier edits get put back in. (such as the scene in "Jupiter Jazz, pt. 2" where they edited out Vicious' missile hitting a building)

11/29/01 - Thank heavens, I was finally able to redirect from "", which hopefully means that those who haven't been able to figure out where I moved to will rediscover this site. Yay.

11/29/01 - A couple of additions to the Miscellaneous page: the complete text of the opener as well as my theory about Faye and Jet (it's spoiler intensive, so don't read it until you've seen the series!). I also made a lovely, gorgeous, beautiful addition to the downloads page - some CB icons for both Windows and Mac! Created not by myself (I wish I had such talent!), but rather by the inimitable Kahoo. Check out Kahoo's icon archive and be amazed.

11/26/01 - The final page of the episode guide, The Real Folk Blues, pt. 2 is now complete, edits, references, summary, etc. Enjoy. ^_^

11/25/01 - And here I am more mercenary still with a donation button. I never thought I'd see the day, but I can't help but be worried about bandwidth. This website is more popular than I had expected and bandwidth is becoming a worrisome issue. Do I really expect to get donations? No. ;) But if everyone sees the donation button maybe they'll say to themselves, "You know, I really don't want to pay Fata any money, so instead I'll be more concientious about bandwidth." Which is to say, instead of downloading six MP3s at a time, only download three. Or instead of linking directly to one of my downloads from another page (Oy. I hope no one is doing that), you'll link to the html page where the download may be found. Of course, if some miracle occurs and I do recieve donations, it's all going back into this website in some for or other. Even a tiny donation would be helpful, if you've a mind - but as I said, in truth I don't expect this. I certainly hope that no one is insulted by the presence of a donation button. It's not my intention to compel or bully anyone; in fact, if you never/rarely download anything from the site, it doesn't even apply to you. At most, it's a friendly hint. ^_^

11/25/01 - This is a bit mercenary, but on the other hand I'm trying to raise money to pay the bills on this website, so hopefully you'll excuse this little non-Cowboy Bebop interupption. ;) I'm actioning off my Inu Yasha graphic novels on Ebay, so if you've ever wanted to read that manga (it's a darn good one!), then now's your chance to buy one or all of the graphic novels cheaply. My ebay listings may be found here.

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