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9/14/02 -- Cowboy Funk tonight. - For those of you who missed Cowboy Funk the first time it aired, don't forget to watch it tonight! Interesting coincidences involving Cowboy Funk: 9/12/02 -- Waahh, you guys are so awesome!! - Less than 24 hours after I mentioned my server trouble, I have enough money to set one up! You guys really kick ass. ^_^ Thank you, thank you!

9/12/02 -- Baby needs a new server. - I had to temporarily disable the MP3s for the month thanks to the fact that we're getting close to our limit. If you can afford it, I'd really appreciate a donation. All I need for another server is for 10 people to donate $5. Or for 5 people to donate $10. If you'd rather not do the straight donation thing, you can bid on these posters that I made: Spike, Faye, Jet. Not that I expect those auctions to do much good, I just thought I'd give it a try.

9/9/02 -- Transcript from AXNY panel. - Anime on DVD now has a transcript up from the Bebop panel at AXNY. Thanks to Isitreal? for posting this in the forums. I am still working on a BAAF page, sorry for the wait. Incidentally, the first year birthday of this site is coming on September 22nd. Yes, I'm planning something for it. No, I won't tell you what. :p Turn your browser towards this page on September 15th to find out what I have in mind.

8/31/02 - Further tidbits from the dub premiere. -- First of all, it turns out that Columbia did make at least one edit to the film, an edit I wasn't expecting: the title card of the film now says "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" instead of "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Well, I can accept that if it's the only edit, but I still think it's stinky. About the dub cast, JC and others confirm that every dub actor from the series reprised thier role in the movie - even the three old men and Punch and Judy. No need to worry about Ed, she hasn't been replaced. The new roles are as follows:

- Jennifer Hale is Electra
- Daran Norris is Vincent
- Nicholas Guest is Rasheed
- Dave Wittenberg is Lee Sampson

That's all for now.

8/31/02 - BAAF aftermath. -- The dub of KOHD has premiered. I will post a full report as soon as I'm provided one by JC and any of the other kind souls who are supplementing information. In the meantime, visit this thread from the Jazz Mess forums to read the preliminary reports.

8/30/02 TODAY'S THE DAY. - Your waiting is over, you lucky bastards. Today the dub of Knockin' on Heaven's Door premieres at BAAF. Watanabe, Kanno, and Kawamoto will be there just to answer your questions. You do realize that if you don't make a full report you're going to hell, right? :p

8/28/02 - Cowboy Bebop dub premiere: SOLD OUT! - I hope all of you that wanted tickets to the Friday premire of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door were able to get them; it seems that at this point the theater is totally sold out. From what I understand, you can still get tickets to the Saturday showing of the film. I would have posted this news earlier, but as you can tell from the side bar I've been working on a gallery for the site.

8/24/02 - Low Brow: I like! - If any of you missed Low Brow tonight, I respectfully submit that you catch one of the other broadcasts of the pilot. The pilot will be shown at these dates and times:

Saturday, August 24th at 11am, 4pm, 11pm
Sunday, August 25th at 7am, 1pm, 8pm

I'd also like to point out an update to the site that I've made: I added some Jazz Messengers stuff to the merchandise section, for those interested in that sort of thing.

8/22/02 -- Get your Cowboy Bebop dub premiere tickets early! - Going to the Cowboy Bebop dub premiere at BAAF? Don't want to wait in line at the theatre for tickets? You, my kooky friend, are in luck. Tickets for the August 30th showing are available right now from
source: BebopBlue

8/20/02 -- Trois petite points - Un: Cowboy Bebop will be prempted this weekend, the 24th. The following weekend, August 30th, the Adult Swim Action block will have a slight schedule change, and Cowboy Bebop will be on at a new hour (all times EST):

11:00 PM Inu-Yasha
11:30 PM Yu-Yu Hakusho
12:00 PM Cowboy Bebop
12:30 PM Gundam 0083
1:00 AM Mobile Suit Gundam
1:30 AM Outlaw Star

Thanks to Loser Bar for the reminder. If you're looking for a new anime to watch, I'd recommend Inu Yasha. I think you'll like it. Deux: This Friday, Cartoon Network is premiering a new program by the name of Low Brow. Cowboy Bebop dub fans will instantly recognize two of the stars of this new program - David Lucas and Wendee Lee. Muchos gracias to the ever informative Living Fruit Virus for pointing this one out. Trois: I've added a few things to the site - particularly Spike's Confession, an . . . interesting. . . sound file created by Loser Bar that I added both to the Misc. section and the Downloads section. I also added a link to the only online Cowboy Bebop doujinshi that I know of, Space Cowgirl Radical Edward. Lovely art, good comic timing, and an interesting premise. It's worth a read.

8/18/02 - Movie news from LA preview. -- According to those who attended the preview of Knockin' On Heaven's Door at the Egyptian theater in LA, a studio representative from Columbia was present. According to the rep, not only will there be a wide theatrical release of the film, but in those areas showing the film on multiple screens, Columbia will insist that both the sub and the dub be shown. Yay for our side!

8/15/02 - OMGWTF!!!1 -- Teh Best Worst Beeebop Fnafiction EVAR (includes spoilers). ::dies::

8/10/02 - Reminder: KOHD preview at the Egyptian -- Just a reminder for the lucky dogs who live in or near LA. The Egyptian theater (as was announced a few months back) will have a special preview showing of the Cowboy Bebop movie tomorrow, Sunday the 11th of August. It won't be the dub (that's being premiered at BAAF at the end of the month), but rather the sub.

8/06/02 - archive finally back up!! -- At long, long last has returned. Not because of Gearhost, who still won't answer my e-mails; but rather thanks to a timely donation (many thanks, Jeff Swindle!). Sorry for the long wait on this one.

8/04/02 - Latest spooch from Comic Con -- Among all the new acquisitions for Adult Swim that were announced at Comic Con, William's Street mentioned a bit of Cowboy Bebop news. For starters, they've officially stated that they're looking into getting the Cowboy Bebop movie (once it's finished any theatrical run it might get). Furthermore, Mike Lazzo mentioned that WS is trying to wheedle a "Cowboy Bebop 2" out of Sunrise. Talk about a dubious plan. Thankfully there's little chance they will succeed.
source: Livingfruitvirus, Anime News Network

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