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4/30/03 -- Updated theater listings. - The following theaters will be getting the Cowboy Bebop movie:

Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Lincoln, Nebraska: Friday, June 20 - Thursday, July 3

Grand Cinema
Tacoma, WA: TBA

Princess Theatre
Edmonton, Alberta: 4/25

Apex Theatres
Louisville, KY
Starts: May 16

Rialto Cinemas Lakeside
Santa Rosa, CA
Coming Soon - May

Cleveland Cinematheque
Cleveland, OH
Starts: May 2

Check the official site for other new theater listings. Thanks to Chris Pimlott and Kali of rec.arts.anime.misc for the information.

4/9/03 -- Bebop manga gets awarded; KOHD DVD. - Volume one of the Cowboy Bebop manga has been named to the "Books For The Teen Age 2003 List" by the New York Public library. A press release on the subject can be found here. In other news, as reported to me by nothing, The Digital Bits posted a cover for the Bebop movie DVD, which is being released on June 24th. Let us hope that "Special Edition" means that the R1 version will have all the extras that the Japanese version did.

4/6/03 -- Box office numbers for KOHD. - Box Office Mojo has the weekend numbers for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Currently it's got a $4,579 per theater average. An odd thing about this page is that it states that the opening date for the movie is April 11. I wonder if they know something we don't?

4/4/03 -- CB movie opens today. - See it if you can.

4/3/03 -- SoulKool contest. - In order to promote the release of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door on Friday, SoulKool is giving away a signed drawing by Toshihiro Kawamoto.

4/3/03 -- Oekaki board and link to the chat added. - In the Miscellaneous section, I've added two items of interest: an oekaki board and information on how to reach the #jazzmess chat. The oekaki board was donated by Albright, and the chat was long ago created by JC. Come join us!

4/2/03 -- APRIL FOOLS! - C'mon, guys, don't you know that you can't trust any "news" that's released on April 1st? I didn't expect anyone to be silly enough to believe my "press release", but the sheer number of folks who did was enough to keep me laughing throught the day. To make things clear: NO, THERE HAS BEEN NO ANNOUNCEMENT OF A NEW COWBOY BEBOP SERIES. Sorry to disapoint, but like I said I figured you guys wouldn't be so gullible. Though personally I would really like to see a Jet-as-a-detective/cop series, I doubt that'll ever happen. So bonk yourself on the head for not realizing the date, and be more wary next year. :)

4/1/03 -- A new series to begin! - In a stunning press release by Bones studios, Shinichiro Watanabe has announced that a new Bebop series is on the way. It will feature the early days of Jet Black as a member of the ISSP, a straight noir drama. Sort of like Sam Spade of the future. Details are sketchy right now, so keep your eyes locked to this page for further developments.

3/31/03 -- Site pimpin'. - Just today I launched a new site, Sandy Planet: a complete guide to Trigun. Though it's far from complete, I'm going to get the edits from the Trigun episodes currently being broadcast on CN, at least - and let it grow from there. At any rate, to celebrate the launch I'm giving away a Trigun box, created by Paul Champagne. Check the site for details. In Bebop news... have any of you visited Waldenbooks lately? It seems that the manga Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star has arrived, at least at Waldenbooks. I can't say I like the character designs - what! Spike with no 'fro?? Spike is not Spike sans the 'fro. I disaprove. I don't know about the story, however, since I haven't read it.

3/29/03 -- A new article. - Thanks to a hot tip from Linus Mines, I've added another article to the Articles and Inteviews section. It's from the L.A. Times, and includes comments from both Steve Blum and Shinichiro Watanabe. Sidestepping the fact that the article writer didn't realize that the television show was non-union, there are some interesting voice acting tidbits from Mr. Blum. There is also a particularly surprising comment from Mr. Watanabe, especially considering what he's been saying up to this point:

Although there are no plans for further installments of 'Cowboy Bebop' at this time, Watanabe concedes that Spike's adventures "will probably continue at some time in the future, although I'm not sure in what form. When the original 26-episode series concluded, a lot of fans and sponsors wanted me to continue. That's why I made this movie."

Wha..? Talk about a shocker. I'm not convinced that this isn't just a mistranslation. However, it is definitely worth noting.

3/23/03 -- Minor site update. - Today I added an interview from Anime Invasion magazine to my Articles and Interviews section. It was the interview published in the winter edition of AI magazine with Shinichiro Watanabe, Yoko Kanno, and Toshihiro Kawamoto. There are a few more articles like that floating around (from Newtype and Animerica, for example), I'm going to try to get permission to reprint all of them in my archive.

3/17/03 -- Promotion. - A trailer for the Bebop movie can be found on the VHS version of Half Past Dead. The trailer is slightly different from the one offered for download on this site and streamed at the official site. I'd like to capture it, but unfortunately I don't have any way of capturing video from my VCR.

3/2/03 -- All good things. - Thanks to metsallica, we now have downloadable versions of the streamed video from the official Cowboy Bebop movie site. They're in .asf format, so those of you who don't have (or don't want to use) Windows Media Player can rest at ease. It's also great for people with slow connections. (believe me, I feel your pain) You can get the clips from my downloads page. If you're having trouble finding the trailer, it's here.

2/28/03 -- O_O Words fail me. - Apologies for being really late on updates. A certain someone has been keeping my mind occupied lately. ^_^ Thanks very much to Galaxia, Digital Sin, and every one else who's been keeping us up on Bebop news. The very latest on the movie: The official English site is up and running, with theater listings, a trailer, clips from the movie, and more. If you haven't had the chance yet to hear any of the English dub of the movie (like myself) it's a real treat. I'm really looking forward to this one. The site also has another confirmation that the date of the film is April 4th, not March as has been reported elsewhere. There's also a Cowboy Bebop promotion going on; details are here. In other news, according to BBT, the first Wolf's Rain DVD will go on sale in Japan on March 23rd. Finally, the new-and-improved Bebop Board has finally opened, with it's own domain, even. You can check it out here.

2/13/03 -- Columbia blues. - I've updated with the first new edit in a long time, for the episode Wild Horses. CN made the decision to skip the episode last night, no doubt due to the tragic events surrounding the Columbia.

2/3/03 -- Steve Sings Yoko? - Quoting Steve Conte's comments from this page:

Well... I have an idea that might get songs like "Call Me, Call Me" out over here... would anyone buy a CD called "Steve Conte Sings Yoko Kanno" that inculded songs from Yoko's solo CD, Cowboy Bebop, Brain Powerd and Wolf's Rain? If so, send me an email about it...

E-mail the man! Having Steve Conte do an all-Yoko Kanno album would mean that her music would be on the radio in the US. Is that not reason enough to buy it?? Besides, I like his voice. :) Conte, in case you haven't been paying attention, sang several tracks on Cowboy Bebop, including Call Me, Call Me, Words That We Couldn't Say, and the male vocal version of Rain. Thanks to mike6 for this update.

1/26/03 -- Now with 50% more beer! - I got a new download for you all, thanks to Funk from the boards. It appears to be a commercial KOHD, at least based on it's similarity to the commercial on this page. It's really a rather moving little tribute to the series. At least I think it's pretty slick. Big spoilers are scattered throught the advertisement, though, so user beware. Download it here.

I also have the misfortune to report that the so-called "movie showing" at the The Academy of Music Theater yesterday was nothing more than a viewing of the first four episodes of the Best Sessions. I can't help but wonder if someone saw the Best Sessions on the shelf at a video store and just assumed that it was the movie. ^^; Anyway, sorry for those of you who paid for the showing and were disapointed.

1/25/03 -- Well, at least nobody got hurt. - The Wendee Lee chat went off without too many people getting maimed, thank God. I think that the moderators seriously mishandled the situation for most of the chat, which wasted a lot of time at the begining. Luckily things did begin to settle during the second half of the chat, and since she had to leave early Ms. Lee agreed to come for another chat at a later date. I have the chat in text format here. I deleted the part of the chat that was just 100 people saying variations on "hello." I also deleted all the goodbyes. There were some good questions and answers, though nothing particularly revealing. I'll post a date as soon as I find out when the next chat is scheduled.

1/25/03 -- Wendee Lee chat; more film news. - Thanks to Linus Mines and BBT for keeping me up on the latest news. I've got several things to report, so bear with me.

For starters, Anime News Network reports that Wendee Lee will be chatting on the IRC server in #animationhq on January 25th. The chat starts at 4:00pm EST. If you don't have an IRC client or don't know how to use one, you can attend the chat by visiting this Java applet and typing "/join #animationhq" minus the quotation marks. Also happening on the 25th, The Academy of Music Theater in Northampton, MA, will be showing Cowboy Bebop, the movie (along with some other anime titles).

In other Bebop film news, two items: first, Destination Films has finally updated thier site with a date for the film: April 4th. Contridicting this date is a recent article by Newtype, stating the date at March 28th. Personally, I'm going to believe Destination films on this one. Knowing that the date has been changed around more than once, it's most likely that Newtype sent the February issue to print before the Destination finalized the date. The other movie news, reported by Linus Mines, is that the distribution of the film seems to have changed hands. According to Yahoo! Movies, the film is being distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films. This may or may not be true; I take everything reported at Yahoo! Movies with a huge grain of salt. We'll see how things turn out in the coming months.

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