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1/16/03 -- CB in Germany; more manga releases - Good news for Germans - Germany's MTV has begun airing Cowboy Bebop. Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Soon Bebop fans will rule the world, the world, I tell you!! On the American front, fans can now buy the second Cowboy Bebop manga, Shooting Star, in English. Shooting Star is basically an alternate version of the Bebop story, from what I'm told. I haven't read it yet, so I can't give any feedback on it. The character designs seem... interesting. ^^; Site-wise, still working on the MP3 problem. Sit tight, we may have a solution.

1/14/03 -- "This is not good, not good!" - Boy, just when you think these sorts of problems are behind ya... JC tells me that we're using an insane amount of bandwidth on the MP3s. All the MP3s are currently down. It may just be time to take those buggers down permanently. Other possible solutions to the problem are 1) that I require a password before people can download the MP3s. Not my favorite solution, but practical. 2) That I take down only some of the MP3s. This might be the solution that works best for me. Originally, I had only intended the downloads as a supplimental to my episode guide. I only really want to keep up the songs that actually played during the series/movie. Of course, that's still a lot of material, so that solution might not help. 3) Start paying for a dedicated server. HA! Not a chance. At $100 a month, I really couldn't afford it. And though some of you have been very generous with your donations (thanks for that, by the way), I don't think it's feasible to expect that much through donations. We shall see.

1/13/03 -- Reminder. Don't forget that Cowboy Bebop starts at its new time tonight and all this week. Tune in at 1:30am Eastern/Pacific, 12:30am Central time. Check out the new shows on the block, too.

12/31/02 -- This, that, and t' other. - Lots of things to update on today. For starters, KOHD will not be released January 3rd. Despite some announcements otherwise, Columbia has apparently decided on April 4th as a release date, according to several sources (including Fandango) Kind of a bummer, that. I don't know why Columbia keeps moving the date.

I also wanted to point out an article appearing in the latest issue of Anime Invasion magazine. It's Anime Invasion's interview with Shinichiro Watanabe, Toshihiro Kawamoto and Yoko Kanno during thier visit to New York during the Big Apple Anime Festival. Most of it is known information, but there are some interesting new comments. Such as embarressment that the line "a new genre in itself" was seen by American audiences ("Now it's in America, and we sound concieted!"), revelations about "that thing under Jet's eye" ("I have... no idea") and Watanabe again stating that there will be no more Bebop ("I just wanted to stop when it was still interesting"). Worth a read. If Wizard gives me permission, I'll reprint the article in full in my articles and interviews archive.

Another related item, Newtype USA printed a two page blurb about the upcoming anime Wolf's Rain. I scanned them in. It might take a little while to download. Basically, it shows the character designs and some short descriptions (I don't know if you can read those on my scan or not). It also mentions the style of music that Yoko Kanno chose this time - Brazilian. Knowing her, it's going to be killer.

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that Cowboy Bebop will be off of Cartoon Network (USA) for a little while. It won't return to the network until January 13th at 1:30am EST. From that point on, CB will play at that time on weeknights, Monday through Thursday. Bye-bye, Saturday block. Their reasons for doing this have already been discussed here, but if you still feel like griping/praising, you can always do so on the forum. CB will be joined by two recently acquired Adult Swim shows: Futurama at 11:00pm EST and Lupin the Third at 12:00am EST. If you're interested in finding out more about one of the inspirations behind the characters of Spike, Jet and Faye, I'd strongly suggest watching Lupin III.

By the way... Happy New Year, all! See you in 2003. ^_^

12/13/02 -- SEATBELTS REUNITE! - BBT pointed out this news story from the Crown Jewels website:

Yoko Kanno's New Anime Series in Japan: Steve Sings!!!
We can't tell you too much about this because it's still "in the works"...but one thing is for sure- Steve Conte is back singing with Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts!
The new animated series, entitled "Wolf Rain" takes place on earth after a future ice-age. It will be animated by the same people who did Cowboy Bebop and as usual, Yoko wrote the music, Tim Jensen wrote the lyrics and the Seatbelts played it!
Last month Yoko came from Tokyo to NYC to record Steve on three new songs at Soundtracks Studio. They recorded a song called "Stray", and two versions of the title song "Wolf Rain"... one with the Seatbelts and one with Steve solo on a nasty, funky acoustic guitar. The sessions were engineered by the great Joe Chiccarelli who was Frank Zappa's main engineer for 20 years and just recorded the new Elton John album.
That's about all we know right now but stay tuned for more updates!

*/me writes down "Wolf Rain" as the next anime she absolutly must see*

12/11/02 -- Zippo lighters. How appropriate. - Nothing big today, I'd just like to start by re-emphasising the fact that January 3rd is the only officially announced date for the film. March, I found out, is totally bogus, so forget about it. The real news I wanted to report was another US licensed item for CB: zippo lighers. My favorite comic publisher, Dark Horse, is the company licensing this item. Almost makes me wish I was a smoker. :p

12/04/02 -- We put the "High" in "Hiatus" - Been a while since I updated, eh? It's not that I'm getting lazy, it's that lots of things happen this time of year, and I also got a seasonal job at Best Buy. Don't think I've been abandoned the site or anything. ^_^ Anyway, in the interim, a lot of things have happened. If you've been following the message board you'll have heard all of this already. But if you only pay attention to the page itself, I'll enlighten you. First, Galaxia was kind enough to report that Fandango now has a page about CB the movie. January 3rd is the date, but that's only for the early New York/LA release. There will be a wide release later on, but no one knows when. Some have suggested March, but I'll believe it when I see it. Of course, the Best Sessions were released on schedule, as reported here before. I haven't bought it yet myself, but from what I heard there may be some actual changes in the episodes, other than the sound and audio enhancements. I haven't confirmed this myself, as I said, so I can't be sure.

There's also been a lot of things happening with Adult Swim, some of which I thought I would mention. Other than the schedule change, which I've already reported, AS has acquired some new programing. Specifically: Trigun, Reign and Lupin III. At the moment, I'm working on finishing the Trigun site (that I've been working on forever and a day) so that I can get those edits up as they come.

The only other thing I want to say, and I realize it's probably a bit late for some of you, is: Go see Spirited Away if you haven't yet. You won't be disapointed. I was lucky enough for it to have gotten a two week run here in Lubbock. I saw it four times. I almost went a fifth time, but I guess I figured it would be overkill. :)

So much for being brief! This is why I prefer posting news as it comes, yeesh. Hopefully I won't have to do a bulk report like this in future. Later.

11/06/02 -- This is a fun humor website. I hope you would enjoy it. - Two bits of news that bear repeating: one, ANN reports Tristar plans to show both the sub and dub print of Knockin' on Heaven's Door in theaters, and that the film will be released January 2003. Which, if you've been paying attention, are things we reported months ago. Ho hum. (is trying not to be bitter that no one reads her news page) In other news, and this is actually "new"s this time - ADV is planning to make an all anime network. For basic cable. Frankly, being a fan of animation from all over the world, I would ultimately prefer an 'Animation' network that focuses on more adult offerings than Cartoon Network or Toon Disney. (and gives home to such animations as The Maxx and Waking Life, as well as the anime greats) But an anime network could work, if done right. If nothing else, it will be competition for Cartoon Network, who will in turn have to work harder for it's audience. All to the good, as long as CN can stand the competition (and I think they can).

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