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3/20/02 -- CD boxset and some damn fine fanfiction - Couple of items today. The first one comes from Anime News Service: some details about the Cowboy Bebop CD box set -

"3 discs will be produced by director Shinichiro Watanabe, and include personally selected music in this musical collage. 50 tunes will span these 3 CD's. The 4th disc features tracks elected by Nabeshin & Yoko with Frognation. Some mentioned are from the Seat Belts Live 2001 EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY performance. Movie and background tracks are also to be included. The special 8cm CD includes newly recorded tunes 2 tune.. Finally, a luxurious 52 page booklet rounds out the set. This Box will be limited in production to December 2002."

More of those live tunes! And it looks like I'll have the money to buy it, too. #^_^# However. . . ugh. I'm really short on space here. I think, that when I buy that box set, I might remove some of my other MP3s to make room for the new ones. Either that, or you guys can start donating a little more so that I'll be able to upgrade. You'll notice that I put the tip jar back at the top of the page. It's not a huge issue to me either way. If it comes right down to the wire, the first "dead weight" to go on this website will be the MP3s. If I find it necessary financially to downgrade, the MP3s seem to me the least original and obscure content on this website, so naturally they'll get thrown out. I'm not threatening, I'm just saying how things are. :) If the prospect upsets you, a tip of 5 bucks won't kill ya, right? If it doesn't bother you, then leave the tip jar be. Like I said, I'll be fine either way. The other item I wanted to point out is a great piece of fanfiction mentioned by Big Big Truck. As a rule, I loathe fanfiction. And I especially hate fanfiction that alters the ending so beautifully put together by Watanabe and company. The fact that I really dig this one should give you a clue to its quality: The Ballad of John Doe.

3/19/02 -- 40,000 hits!

3/18/02 -- Spike wins the John Delaney sketch of the week! - Read about it at Toonzone and view the sketch!

3/14/02 -- Bandai Anime Collector and archival - I just happened to be in Toys R Us today, and so I went to see if they had any of the Bandai Anime Collector figures in stock. First, I saw the one I expected to see - they've had this one Big O figure in stock since Christmas. But then I noticed that they had some new Anime Collector figures in stock, and that the packaging had changed. Out of curiosity, I looked at the back of the package and noticed a pic of the Cowboy Bebop figures in the series!! I had no idea that they'd begun producing those already. Unfortunately, when I asked the management if they had any of the Cowboy Bebop figures, they said that they hadn't recieved any yet but that they might get them on Tuesday. If you have a Toys R Us in your area, keep your eyes peeled for these babies. When I get mine, I'll try putting some pictures up. On the issue of archiving, I've made a huge step forward thanks to the best friend The Jazz Messengers ever had, TylerL. Tyler archived most of the pages for me, and I'm working on presenting them now. It's going to take me some time; for one thing, I'm trying to integrate the English and Japanese pages. I'm not going to be able to translate the Japanese pages, but I'll put a message in the news section sending people to Babelfish. Of course, if there's anyone out there who would like to help out and translate even a single page, I'd be much obliged. ^_^

3/12/02 -- Let's get together and feel alright - If there's one thing I hate, it's seeing good websites bite the dust. It's even worse, of course, if you don't know it's going to happen in advance. Right now we have a situation where a website is leaving permanently, but still we can preserve some of what it was for posterity. What I'm getting at is this: I plan to host some of the content from Cowboy on this website. (here's one page that I've already recreated from the site). There's the Watanabe interview, Bebop: U.T. and I already have the trailer for download (I am once again thankful that used to have that trailer in a downloadable format, and that I had the foresight to preserve it). . . here's what bothers me; there's piles of Japanese content. I really don't know what it consists of, because I don't speak Japanese. . there are downloads, and info pages, and so on (one thing of especial interest is the notes that go along with Bebop: U.T. that were never translated). Is there anyway this can be preserved, possibly even translated? If anyone has suggestions or services to offer, please e-mail me. I don't necessarily expect anyone to offer their services for this website exclusively, but perhaps others might realize the opportunity we have here and do something similar on their own websites. Either way, if the content is preserved I'll be happy.

3/12/02 -- Good and bad - A news bite from Cowboy (in English, no less) mentions that they "heard from a credible source", the same English cast will voice the movie as did the TV series! Right on! Unfortunately, also announced that it will close at the end of the month. Damn it, I though there was going to be more chapters to U.T.?! I kept waiting for them to update that, and they never did.

3/9/02 -- Ach, I really need to start hosting my own scripts - if you tried to e-mail me in the past week, you probably noticed that the form mail was malfuntioning. The problem has been fixed, and the form is working properly now. Sorry for the inconvienience!

3/8/02 -- Cartoon Network ratings report - From Toonzone:

"With the help of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network jumped to #8 from last year's #10 ranking in total day delivery of adults 18-34 (178,000) among advertising supported basic cable services. Cartoon Network's performance with adults 18-34 out-delivers cable networks such as Comedy Central, FX, VH1, Sci-Fi Channel, the Discovery Channel, E! and TV Land. Since its September 2 launch, Adult Swim has contributed to the strong growth of the network's adult 18-34 rating by posting 67 percent growth in ratings and 84 percent growth in delivery compared to 2000."

Good work, CN. Thanks for taking a leap of faith by providing adults with some great animation, especially (natch) Cowboy Bebop. Keep the faith! The complete ratings report can be found here.

3/7/02 -- I knew I should have been paying closer attention . . . - Ah, my friends, we are living in good, good times. A limited edition CD box set is coming for the Cowboy Bebop score; release date: June 21. The box set will have four CDs and one mini CD. Now, I had known previously that there was going to be a CD box set, but here's something I didn't realize - it's going to include some unreleased tracks, and (according to EK) they're even be cutting some new tracks for it, possibly even a vocal version of Tank!. The price: 9800 yen. That's around $77 dollars, not including shipping. ;_; Hopefully we'll finally get a full version of some of those tunes that haven't appeared on previous soundtracks. : :sigh: : And I just spent most of my saved up cash on the Trigun box set, too . . . looks like I'll have to start saving up all over again.

3/5/02 -- . . . A John Woo Film -MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Thanks to Kyle Thomas Pope for the link.) Does anyone else think it's a gyp that he didn't use an asian actress for Faye? Like what about Lucy Liu? She may not be from Singapore, but she's sure a mite closer than Cameron Dias. :p

3/4/02 -- Bang - Yes, there is yet another promo. Yes, Thanks to Tyler, I've got it. Yes, there is much rejoicing in the land. This time it's just music (Stella by Moor) and vocal samples from the series, no Beau Billingslea. But it's still very, very lovely.

3/1/02 -- 'Disney with guts and Lucas with brains' - Like the new look? If you're getting an error message at the top of this page, it either means that the browser you're using doesn't support Cascading Style Sheets or that you have CSS turned off. I considered making an HTML version of this website, but after four hours of tweaking I realized that I don't really have the time to update two pages. However, this page will still work in any browser, even if the CSS doesn't. It just won't look very pretty without CSS. Also, before you ask me where the pictures came from, read the About page. ^_^ In Cowboy Bebop news: a program on NPR, Fresh Air online, did a review of CB which can be listened to here. (This is a direct link to the .ram file) Although the review is riddled with inaccuracies, it's still nice to hear Cowboy Bebop played up by the press.

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