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2/27/02 -- 'Toonami Tea' and other mysteries solved - Kyle Thomas Pope, edit lister for Anime News Network, managed a real scoop: an interview with a member of the staff at William's Street about Cartoon Network's editing practices. It's worth a read.

2/25/02 -- It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - Promo number three is up, and it's beautiful enough to make a grown man weep. Not only does it have Beau Billingslea narrating in character as Jet, it also has a terrific mix of various songs from the soundtracks of CB (Forever Broke, Tank!, Power of Kung Food remix, and Memory). This thing is actually long enough to be an anime music video! And the fact that they included a snippit from the Power of Kung Food remix of "Tank!" suggests that someone at CN actually owns one of the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks, which for some odd reason I find cool. :p Another brilliant, brilliant commercial from the minds at William's Street. Do these guys know how to promote, or what?

2/24/02 -- One ship, one crew, one destiny, part deux - Here's the extra large, high quality version of the Beau Billingslea promo, for those of you with faster connections.

2/24/02 -- One ship, one crew, one destiny - Turns out that there were two CB commercials, and Tyler-the-man got them both for me! The first one, narrated by Beau Billingslea himself, with the background music "Rush", can be found here. The second one, narration-free with the background music "Autumn in Ganymede", is here. Let me just take a moment to say: Cartoon Network, whatever you paid Mr. Billingslea to do that spot, it wasn't enough. Beau Billingslea is my new hero. (well, right after Tyler, Nothing, and David Lucas, of course. . .) Also, to Bandai: PAY ATTENTION! This is what a good promo looks like. If you don't think that you're capable of making this kind of thing yourself, I suggest you outsource someone who can.

2/21/02 -- 30,000 hits!

2/23/02 -- Don't forget to watch tonight - Cowboy Bebop starts it's new night/time tonight at 11:30 PM. Don't forget to watch it, along with the other shows on CN's Saturday Adult Swim Block (already in progress, here in Central time). The full Adult Swim schedule for tonight (all times are EST): Sorry my message comes so late; putting the news on the website sorta slipped my mind. P.S. - have you seen that BOSS new CB commerical that Cartoon Network made? Fear not, it will be up here soon (I hope).

2/23/02 -- Website updates - I've placed the live Seatbelts tracks in the CDs section, along with some specs for the DVD. I also put a link to that entry in the Downloads page, which will hopefully make them easier to find.

2/15/02 -- The Seatbelts live! - Nothing comes through for The Jazz Messengers again, this time with MP3s from the "Future Blues" DVD! These songs are from The Seatbelts' live performances in Japan. I haven't figured out where to put them yet, so for now I'll just link them here: 2/15/02 -- The forum is up! - Thanks to Albright, a forum is up at Animation Republic for this website. Click on the menu link that says "forum" to get there.

2/15/02 -- Cowboy Funk edits - The edits for Cowboy Funk are now up. Surprisingly few, this time. I was kind of wary that CN might erase some of the explosions and falling shrapnel, but they didn't. If only they had edited the rest of the series this way!

2/14/02 -- Cowboy Funk tonight!! - First let me put up my usual disclaimer: despite the fact that Nothing is an incredibly good source, take this news with a grain of salt. It may end up being untrue. That being said - Nothing tells me that the infamous lost tape has been found! Cowboy Funk will play tonight! Take that, all you naysayers who claimed that CN was just pretending to have lost the tape. It really was a case of imbicility rather than covert evil. ^_^

2/14/02 -- Teddy Bomber really exists? - A strange news story today; especially, coming as it does, on the heels of CN's second failure to air Cowboy Funk. In a way it seems like providence. What would people have said if Cowboy Funk had aired and then a real Teddy Bomber shows up? CN might have gotten some (unreasonable) heat. As it is, it's just weird, weird coincidence. Read the story of this guy here.

2/11/02 -- "Adult Swim Action" promo - Thanks to Tyler L of Toonami: Digital Arsenal, I have the Adult Swim Action commercial Available for download. Click here to download it. I think it look sweet. It almost makes up for the fact that CN will be late in showing Cowboy Funk.

2/11/02 -- Damn Cartoon Network. What the hell kind of Mickey Mouse organization you guys running, anyhow? - Another of Nothing's prognostications become reality. Cowboy Funk replaced by. . . Jupiter Jazz? And why? Because they lost the tape! Damn it, CN, get your act together, you look like a bunch of schmucks out there. You sure as hell better find that tape by next week, or I'm going to be pissed. Cool Adult Swim Action promo though. Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of it from my good friends at Toonami Digital Arsenal to make available for download.

2/10/02 -- Possible bad news for Cowboy Funk - A source I trust, Nothing, has given me some disturbing news involving the airing of Cowboy Funk. This may end up being totally wrong, so don't take it as fact. This is still rumor and I want that understood. Nevertheless, I might as well prepare you for the possibility:

"I have it on authority that the Cowboy Funk episode isn't going to air tonight. The reason... not for the content that got it shelved the first go around. Actually, because someone lost the tape. WTF?! At this point, I would offer to let them borrow my DVD.

I could be wrong on this, but my sources have usually been pretty accurate. We'll see..."

I think I speak for everyone when I say: FUCK!

2/10/02 -- Cowboy Funk tonight; "Anre Associates" - Don't forget to watch the final "banned" episode, "Cowboy Funk", tonight! I'm curious to see how they will edit the thing. Hopefully, they will use sense and not over-do it. Also, I have an announcement for this website, one that I'm very pleased about. I have been invited to join the newly formed "AnRe Associates." I can't really explain what all this will entail at the moment (it's still pretty much in the planning stages), but some material gains from this occurance are: As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited about this. Sometimes I think this website was born under a lucky star. *^_^*

2/08/02 -- Final confirmation on Cowboy Bebop movie - It is now officially confirmed that Columbia Tristar has the rights to the Cowboy Bebop movie. According to this article at Video Business online, the film will be released under Columbia Tristar's "Destination Films" label. Also of interest in the article is that the anime film "Metropolis" is grossing more than expected and it's theatrical run has been extended. (thanks to Animenation for the tip).

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