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This is a listing of all the available soundtracks for Cowboy Bebop -- imports only at this juncture, unfortunately. The music was composed by Yoko Kanno, who also performs some of the songs. It is a common belief that the singer "Gabriella Robin", who sings some of the songs, is in fact Kanno. Please be aware: there are many people on Ebay and some online stores which sell Taiwanese bootlegs of these soundtracks. Don't be fooled; real Japanese imports of these CDs cost at the very least $30. Bootlegs are often sold anywhere from $8 - $15, and are created by the companies "Sonmay" and "Ever Anime". It may seem tempting to buy the cheaper bootleg, but remember that doing so takes money out of the pockets of the artists who create this marvelous work. Reputable places to buy Japanese CDs are: CDJapan, Animenation, and (but not Amazon's "ZShops" or it's auction site). Read the bootleg FAQ for more information on spotting bootlegs. Please refrain from directly linking any of the music files. Thank you.

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Future Blues | Cowgirl Ed OST | Ask DNA | Limited Edition CD box set | Future Blues DVD (live tracks)

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