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". . .embers of times we had
and now, here I stand
lost in a memory
I see your face, and smile"

premiere air date: November 18, 2001
summary: This episode begins with a failed coup attempt on the part of Vicious to take over the Red Dragons. Vicious is captured by the Van, but warns them to kill him now (they foolishly ignore his advice). Meanwhile, Jet and Spike are at a bar, crying in their vodka about the events of "Hard Luck Woman" (nothing in this world would induce me to be more explicit) when suddenly some syndicate scum start shooting at them. Lin's brother Shin helps them escape, and tells them about Vicious's failure to seize power. Now Spike is a target, due to his past allegiance to Vicious. And so, we find, is Julia, also once part of Vicious' clique. The past and present finally collide in a graveyard, the cliffhanger ending to this episode. Ah, how painful it is to say goodbye. "The Real Folk Blues" is the second part of CB's exquisite farewell ("Hard Luck Woman" being the first part). You know all that back-story you've been waiting for, about Spike? This is it, hon. Watch carefully, these last two episodes are the most you're going to get on that score. Obviously, I love this episode, but I'm going to leave the rest of the analysis for "The Real Folk Blues, pt 2.", since it's bloody difficult talk about one part of the episode without talking about the other. ^_^
rating: A+++

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