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5/20/02 -- Track listing for the CD Box set!! - Big Big Truck has posted a track listing for the Limited Edition box set!! See it here. Drool! Dear lord, look at all those lovely tracks. ;_; How will I ever wait a month for my box set to come in? I'll get right on adding those tracks to my description of the box set on the CDs page. . .

5/19/02 -- Don't Panic! - Everything's okie dokie, don't worry. I don't yet understand why Gearhost pulled the plug on me, but I'll find out and get everything up and running. In the meantime, this mirror site ( has most everything that the original does, except the video downloads.

5/13/02 -- UK fans, rejoice! - Some news today coming from EK's BeBlog:

Good news for UK Bebop fans from AbsoluteDestiny:
"I just thought I'd tell you in case it might interest some of the UK readers of SDTCR, I've just received some information from Columbia Tristar about UK bebop releases.
"We've never had a release of the show over here and it appears that Columbia Tristar are bringing over both the movie and the series on DVD. The promo I got today showed a Cowboy Bebop Session #1 DVD."

5/10/02 -- MP3s down for the month - That is, all the MP3s except the 36 most popular, which are on a different server and haven't yet overloaded the bandwidth on that server. Rather quick, the way bandwidth goes around here! Anyhow, sorry about the inconvenience folks, if the song you wanted has been taken down you'll have to get it next month.

5/8/02 -- Cast petition and William H. Macy as everybody - Due to the fact that Columbia/Tristar has yet to announce the dub cast for KOHD, and spurred on by the response to an e-mail that I sent to Wendee Lee, I've decided to put the link to the original cast petition back on the front page. If you haven't already signed it, please do so. Also, if you were wondering why many of the links on Wendee don't work (as I was), the gracious Ms. Lee says that the site is still under construction. In other news, since I absolutely adore starting obviously false internet rumor, here's something for everyone to chew on, courtesy Mike Toole of Anime Jump: Cowboy Bebop: the live-action movie (take two) (thanks to BBT for pointing out this gem). If you haven't seen "take one" of this little farce, check the miscellaneous page, under "This is a joke poster, do not believe it!"

5/4/02 -- Alea iacta est - Bandwidth relief measure number two is in place. That is, I got a secondary hosting account (with a different host) that give me another 30 gigs of bandwidth, making a total of 60 gigs That probably isn't enough for as much as we've been using, however. There is a third bandwidth relief measure, but I hesitate to mention it because it hasn't been finalized yet. Anyway, for now things are semi-OK. Once I upload some of the MP3s to the new host and Gearhost transfers my sub-domain to the new host we'll be set. I want to thank all of you who sent in suggestions for what I should do about my bandwidth problem, especially Christopher Macdonald of Anime News Network, whose suggestion was the one I went for and P Coakley, who recommended an inexpensive secondary host for me to use. Everyone's support really means a lot to me. :)

5/2/02 -MP3s UP! - All the MP3s (except for the remixes) are up and running. I'm still working on a more permanent solution, but for now I'll just take the songs down (for the month) after we reach a certain point with the bandwidth. Happy listening!

4/29/02 -- Hey, good news! - Not about this web site, though. :) I need to get more on the ball, there was a big news bite from Sakuracon and I didn't even think of posting it here. Bad web mistress, bad! I guess you could say I've been preoccupied. . . Anyway, on to the news from Anime On DVD's report of the Bandai panel: "With the success of Bebop, there will be more items available starting in the fall, including resin busts and figures, Zippo lighters, and Ein dog dishes. There will also be a Ein plush toy." Can I get a w00 h00 from the audience?

4/24/02 -- Argh. Never mind. - I guess I shouldn't have been so optimistic. The remixes are still going down, probably permanently. Sorry, I tried. We'll see what happens after I get out of some of the mess I'm in at the moment.

4/24/02 -- Things are looking up. - I've figured out a way to (maybe) keep all of the MP3s up. I'll use the remix MP3s as a testing ground. The remixes are the only MP3s that work right now; go and download one of them. If you have any problems downloading them (too slow, doesn't download all the way, doesn't work period, etc.) let me know immediately. If this solution proves to be reliable, I may be able to keep all the MP3s up 24/7. Thanks to those who sent me suggestions! Web site updates: The Knockin' On Heaven's Door news page has been updated with some tidbits from BBT, newly back from ACen. I also added something about the Cowboy Bebop trailer that's been released by Columbia. Another thing. . . I've been thinking and thinking about this one; I know that Melissa Williamson is protective of her privacy. But at the same time, I say to myself, "surely she realized that she would be photographed if she went to an anime convention, and that that photo would appear online?" If you know where to look, you've probably already seen her photo. I'll decide whether to post the image later.

4/23/02 -- OK, now we're screwed. - Looks like the bandwidth upgrade is paid for on a monthly basis, which means I cannot afford it. This also means that I have upwards of $100 in overage charges for my bandwidth. I really don't know what I should do. . . I have about $60 saved (which was supposed to go towards the next billing cycle for this website - luckily that's far enough in the future that I can cross that bridge when I come to it) . . . I guess I can wing it for the rest. Damn. Anyway, this means that things are going to be run a little differently. First of all, the MP3s will not be back up until May. When they do go up, the remixes will have been permanently retired. The procedure for the remaining MP3s will go as follows: towards the end of the month, if I find I am getting close to my bandwidth limit, the MP3s will be blocked from download until the following month. It's the best I can do; the only other alternative is to remove the MP3s entirely, and I really don't want to do that.

In brighter news, I updated a few things on the site. First, I added a page to the merchandise section describing the various import publications for Cowboy Bebop. I also have a translation of what's said on the Knockin' on Heaven's Door teaser trailer from the Metropolis DVD - if you didn't know, the teaser trailer appears on that DVD. I was kind of hoping that they'd put the main trailer on that DVD. I was also wishing that Columbia/Tristar would have made their own trailer by now, using the American voice actors; no such luck. Anyway, I'll have that short little translation up sometime today.

4/19/02 -- Overage charges ;_; - I always suspected that this website was going over my bandwidth account limit, but since I never got an e-mail from Gearhost (they said they would e-mail me if it happened!) I thought I was safe. Today I get an e-mail from Gearhost stating my overage charges for the past couple of months. On the upside, they offer a bandwidth upgrade - my problem is that I don't know if the bandwidth upgrade is yearly or monthly. If it's yearly, then I can probably scrape by. If it's monthly, I'll have to institute some measures. I'm starting by temporarily taking down the MP3s (by far, the largest sucker of bandwidth on the website) until the whole situation is settled. I also would like to beg you, as an act of mercy, to NOT directly link to images from this website for message board avatars and the like. I have tried looking for a script to block people from 'hot-linking' images, but so far I've been unsucessful due to the fact that I'm running on a Windows NT server. If you want to use one of the images on this website for an avatar, I don't mind as long as you upload it to your own server. There are enough free servers around that you don't need to steal my bandwidth. Thanks again to all those who have donated, you've saved my hind quarters once again!

4/16/02 -- Sessions pages updates, new downloads - The sessions pages have a slightly different format; each section of info (edits, references, etc.) has it's own page now. Also, after a bit of work and a lot of scrounging, I have some pretty complete English & Japanese cast lists. I finally know who does the English voices for Carlos, Antonio, and Jobim! Joy! ^_^ I always had a suspicion that George C. Cole did one of the ol' coots, but I couldn't make myself believe it because his Vicious voice is so different. Oh, almost forgot, I also added some very high quality MPEG versions of the Knockin' on Heaven's Door trailers, courtesy of RFBlues. The MPEG of the main trailer is a pretty big sucker, so it might be up only temporarily; get it while you can.

4/10/02 -- completely uploaded! - Now you can go over the complete archive, both in Japanese and English. There are some interesting things there, if you're willing to look.

4/9/02 -- Even more website updates - I added an info page for Knockin' On Heaven's Door (basically a news page, for now) to the Episode Guide, as well as individual info pages for the video downloads. I also finally got around to adding the teaser trailer to download. Hopefully the KOHD page will help answer people's questions about the latest North American news on the film. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that I changed the URL for the archive to It rolls more trippingly off the tongue, don't you think? I have more of uploaded, but not much. The English section is still the only one that really works.

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