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"Do you wrestle with dreams?
Do you contend with shadows?
Do you move in a kind of sleep?
Time has slipped away.
Your life is stolen.
You tarried with trifles,
Victim of your folly."

premiere air date: November 25, 2001
summary: Spike confronts his past head-on in this brilliant, exquistely, beautifully painful conclusion to Cowboy Bebop. Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bebop, has said: ". . . the taste of BeBop lies in the sadness (heart-rending sorrow) that things have to come to an end." (Anime News Network) You'll either love this final episode or you'll hate it, but one thing is certain. You're going to feel that sadness, that all things must end. And maybe, just maybe, the next time you see a clear blue sky, you'll breathe deeply, smile and be grateful. I've enjoyed very much Cartoon Network's first run of "Cowboy Bebop." It has allowed me to view the series again through new eyes, as if I were seeing it for the first time. I hope all the newbies to the series have enjoyed it as much as I, if not more. Now all we have to do is wait in withdrawl for a year until the movie gets it's domestic release.
rating: A+++

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