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premiere air date: February 14, 2002
summary: Whilst foraging for food, Spike intercepts a serial bomber, the Teddy Bomber, trying to blow up a skyscraper. Spike-baby does his usual schpiel of beating the crap out of the guy while looking bad-ass and spouting off cool catch phrases. Teddy Bomber is just as intent upon blowing up the building, however, and just as he's about to blow himself and Spike sky high -- lo! Andy the Cowboy appears! Cowboy duds, horse, theme music and all! Andy manages to both save Spike's life and nearly get him killed at the same time (as Faye says, he sure reminds me of someone ^_^). Back at the Bebop, Faye and Jet aren't buying any part of the story (can you blame them? I've seen him, and still I hardly believe that Andy exists). Ed, however, proves the existence of Cowboy Andy, who is in actuality Andy von de Oniyate, heir to the Oniyate ranch. The Bebop crew go to a masquerade party, having laid another trap there for the Teddy Bomber. Again they miss their chance and again Andy appears. Spike, as you might imagine, has an intense dislike for Mr. Urban Cowboy which borders on obsessive. The episode concludes not with the capture of the bounty, but with the showdown between two cowboys, Spike and Andy! Who will reign supreme as smart-ass? I must say, I truly pity those who can only watch CB on Cartoon Network. At this point, it seems very unlikely that Cowboy Funk will ever play on network television [edit - they eventually did show the episode]. Cowboy Funk is arguably the funniest episode of the series, even rivaling the hilarity in Mushroom Samba. Andy the Cowboy, a comic send up of Spike's character, is assuredly my favorite secondary character of the series. And if you'll believe it, he's even funnier in Japanese. Yes, this is the only episode that I have trouble deciding whether I should watch it in Japanese or English. The English dialogue, particularly Faye's and Jet's, is quite exceptional. Their banter, exchanging insults about Spike, is not to be missed. Ms. Lee and Mr. Billingslea, you have outdone yourselves on this one. Not to mention the inimitable Mr. Lucas. Snap, I love his work. Listening to this episode reminds me why. But then there's Cowboy Andy. He's really, really great in English, don't get me wrong, but -- his Japanese counterpart is a riot, mostly due to his terrible, awful Engrish lines. Dangerous!
rating: A+++

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