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"He died. Actually, he was dead from the begining. Just like you, Spike."

theater date: April 4, 2003
DVD date: June 24, 2003
premiere broadcast date: tentatively scheduled for late 2005/early 2006
offical website(s): U.S.: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Japan: Cowboy archive (no longer updated)
trailers: summary: The movie takes place between Cowboy Funk and Brain Scratch. Faye is out hunting a routine bounty when the unexpected occurs: the wrong person steps out of the tanker Faye is tailing, and proceeds to blow his vehicle up. News reports rumor that the explosion carried with it biological weapons. Yet Faye witnesses the strange man's escape. The mystery piques Spike's curiosity and he joins Faye in her hunt for this new bounty head. Soon the path leads to a dead man and a the sexy military ataché who seeks him: Vincent Volaju and Electra Ovilo. And at the center of this mystery lies a terrifying weapon, who's capabilities Spike must unlock before it's too late.

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