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9/4/05 -- Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Well, KoHD premiered tonight, and they were pretty light on the edits, as far as I could tell. There was the predictable editing of Faye boobie (during the shower scene), but surprisingly Electra boobie was deemed acceptable. The end credits were also set on double speed. The most surprising "edit" of all, though, was more of an un-edit. Rather than the lame "Cowboy Bebop TEH MOVIE LOLZ", they actually put up the original title, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, with the kanji and everything. I thought that was pretty cool, myself. When I get the time, I'll do a page for the edits in the film; I'm sure there are some that I'll only see when I watch the broadcast version side-by-side with the uncut version.

8/23/05 -- Cowboy Bebop: The Movie television premiere - KoHD will premiere on Adult Swim on September 3rd at 12:00am EST.

5/10/05 -- So, you want to hear the vocal-less version of Dijurido they played in KoHD? - Thanks to Kief Nilsson, now you can.

5/9/05 -- PSP release - The film is scheduled to be released for the PSP on May 17th.

10/10/04 -- And babe, won't it be fine. - Fashionably late as always, I point you to the latest (relatively speaking) news of CB as discovered by Daikun on the boards - Cowboy Bebop: Ze Film will debut on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2005. The specific announcement can be found on the Adult Swim boards here (registration required).

7/16/03 -- Finally, a good looking DVD cover. - If you're like me, you hate the movie DVD cover for the R1 release with a passion. Lucky for all of us, Gooieduck has created something much more worthy of Bebop. He's kindly letting me host them on my server for all to see. A small preview may be found here. A link to these covers is in Miscellaneous, in case you need to find them later. Enjoy. I know I will. (Apologies, Guy, for taking so long to put these up. I've been on vaction. ^_~)

6/24/03 -- DVD release - Don't forget to buy your copy of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. (lensflare to the groin not withstanding.)

6/18/03 -- Cowboy Bebop movie DVD - The movie DVD is just about to be released (June 24), and I'm sure you've all got your preorders in. Interestingly, I preordered the disk from Deep Discount DVD, and they've already shipped it. It won't arrive before the street date - it'll probably arrive right on the day of - but I thought it was a nice gesture. The real news for today is that Sony has released clips of some of the extras on the disk. You can find the complete story (and the clips) here, care of ANN.

4/30/03 -- Updated theater listings. - The following theaters will be getting the Cowboy Bebop movie:

Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Lincoln, Nebraska: Friday, June 20 - Thursday, July 3

Grand Cinema
Tacoma, WA: TBA

Princess Theatre
Edmonton, Alberta: 4/25

Apex Theatres
Louisville, KY
Starts: May 16

Rialto Cinemas Lakeside
Santa Rosa, CA
Coming Soon - May

Cleveland Cinematheque
Cleveland, OH
Starts: May 2

Check the official site for other new theater listings. Thanks to Chris Pimlott and Kali of rec.arts.anime.misc for the information.

4/9/03 -- KOHD DVD. - As reported to me by nothing, The Digital Bits posted a cover for the Bebop movie DVD, which is being released on June 24th. Let us hope that "Special Edition" means that the R1 version will have all the extras that the Japanese version did.

4/6/03 -- Box office numbers for KOHD. - Box Office Mojo has the weekend numbers for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Currently it's got a $4,579 per theater average. An odd thing about this page is that it states that the opening date for the movie is April 11. I wonder if they know something we don't?

4/4/03 -- CB movie opens today. - See it if you can.

4/3/03 -- SoulKool contest. - In order to promote the release of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door on Friday, SoulKool is giving away a signed drawing by Toshihiro Kawamoto.

3/17/03 -- Promotion. - A trailer for the Bebop movie can be found on the VHS version of Half Past Dead. The trailer is slightly different from the one offered for download on this site and streamed at the official site. I'd like to capture it, but unfortunately I don't have any way of capturing video from my VCR.

3/2/03 -- All good things. - Thanks to metsallica, we now have downloadable versions of the streamed video from the official Cowboy Bebop movie site. They're in .asf format, so those of you who don't have (or don't want to use) Windows Media Player can rest at ease. It's also great for people with slow connections. (believe me, I feel your pain) You can get the clips from my downloads page. If you're having trouble finding the trailer, it's here.

2/28/03 -- O_O Words fail me. - Apologies for being really late on updates. A certain someone has been keeping my mind occupied lately. ^_^ Thanks very much to Galaxia, Digital Sin, and every one else who's been keeping us up on Bebop news. The very latest on the movie: The official English site is up and running, with theater listings, a trailer, clips from the movie, and more. If you haven't had the chance yet to hear any of the English dub of the movie (like myself) it's a real treat. I'm really looking forward to this one. The site also has another confirmation that the date of the film is April 4th, not March as has been reported elsewhere. There's also a Cowboy Bebop promotion going on; details are here.

1/25/03 -- 3 film items today. - Thanks to Linus Mines and BBT for keeping me up on the latest news. I've got several things to report, so bear with me.

For starters, on the 25th The Academy of Music Theater in Northampton, MA, will be showing Cowboy Bebop, the movie (along with some other anime titles). Second, Destination Films has finally updated thier site with a date for the film: April 4th. Contridicting this date is a recent article by Newtype, stating the date at March 28th. Personally, I'm going to believe Destination films on this one. Knowing that the date has been changed around more than once, it's most likely that Newtype sent the February issue to print before the Destination finalized the date. Finally, as reported by Linus Mines, is that the distribution of the film seems to have changed hands. According to Yahoo! Movies, the film is being distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films. This may or may not be true; I take everything reported at Yahoo! Movies with a huge grain of salt. We'll see how things turn out in the coming months.

12/31/02 -- Date change. - Apparently, KOHD will not be released January 3rd. Despite some announcements otherwise, Columbia has seemingly decided on April 4th as a release date, according to several sources (including Fandango) Kind of a bummer, that. I don't know why Columbia keeps moving the date.

12/04/02 -- Definitive movie date from Fandango - Galaxia was kind enough to report that Fandango now has a page about CB the movie. January 3rd is the date, but that's only for the early New York/LA release. There will be a wide release later on, but no one knows when. Some have suggested March, but I'll believe it when I see it.

11/06/02 -- This is a fun humor website. I hope you would enjoy it. - Two bits of news that bear repeating: one, ANN reports Tristar plans to show both the sub and dub print of Knockin' on Heaven's Door in theaters, and that the film will be released January 2003. Which, if you've been paying attention, are things we reported months ago. Ho hum.

10/31/02 -- More KOHD premieres - More KOHD film screenings for you! First, the film will place on November the 4th and 8th at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Visit this page for complete details. Thanks, GK, for the link. The other one hasn't been announced officially yet, so I was a little worried about reporting it. Hadcore Hex reports that according to one of the staff, C-Kon 2002 (November 15-17) will be showing KOHD. It's not on the schedule yet, but chances are that it will be part of the "premieres" block on the 16th.

10/10/02 -- Canadian KOHD showing - In movie news, we've got another showing: Waterloo, Ontario. This year's Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema will include a showing of both Cowboy Bebop: The Movie and Spirited Away. The festival will take place November 6th and 7th. Hours have not yet been announced. Source: Anime News Network

10/01/02 -- Further "premiere" screenings of KOHD - This month there are two more announced "permiere" screenings of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. One at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on the 12th and 13th, and one at the Austin Film Festival on the 12th. Sources: Anime News Network, Big-Big-Truck

9/19/02 -- Destination films' official site updates with KOHD info. - There's not a whole lot there yet, but the offical Destination films website finally has some information about Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Destination films is the sub-company within Columbia/Tristar under which they're releasing the film). To see their Cowboy Bebop information, click on "in Theaters." Hopefully in coming months they'll include a list of cities and an official opening date.

9/9/02 -- Transcript from AXNY panel. - Anime on DVD now has a transcript up from the Bebop panel at AXNY. Thanks to Isitreal? for posting this in the forums. I am still working on a BAAF page, sorry for the wait.

8/31/02 - Further tidbits from the dub premiere. -- First of all, it turns out that Columbia did make at least one edit to the film, an edit I wasn't expecting: the title card of the film now says "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" instead of "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Well, I can accept that if it's the only edit, but I still think it's stinky. About the dub cast, JC and others confirm that every dub actor from the series reprised thier role in the movie - even the three old men and Punch and Judy. No need to worry about Ed, she hasn't been replaced. The new roles are as follows:

- Jennifer Hale is Electra
- Daran Norris is Vincent
- Nicholas Guest is Rasheed
- Dave Wittenberg is Lee Sampson

That's all for now.

8/31/02 - BAAF aftermath. -- The dub of KOHD has premiered. I will post a full report as soon as I'm provided one by JC and any of the other kind souls who are supplementing information. In the meantime, visit this thread from the Jazz Mess forums to read the preliminary reports.

8/30/02 TODAY'S THE DAY. - Your waiting is over, you lucky bastards. Today the dub of Knockin' on Heaven's Door premieres at BAAF. Watanabe, Kanno, and Kawamoto will be there just to answer your questions. You do realize that if you don't make a full report you're going to hell, right? :p

8/28/02 - Cowboy Bebop dub premiere: SOLD OUT! - I hope all of you that wanted tickets to the Friday premire of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door were able to get them; it seems that at this point the theater is totally sold out. From what I understand, you can still get tickets to the Saturday showing of the film. I would have posted this news earlier, but as you can tell from the side bar I've been working on a gallery for the site.

8/22/02 -- Get your Cowboy Bebop dub premiere tickets early! - Going to the Cowboy Bebop dub premiere at BAAF? Don't want to wait in line at the theatre for tickets? You, my kooky friend, are in luck. Tickets for the August 30th showing are available right now from
source: BebopBlue

8/18/02 - Movie news from LA preview. -- According to those who attended the preview of Knockin' On Heaven's Door at the Egyptian theater in LA, a studio representative from Columbia was present. According to the rep, not only will there be a wide theatrical release of the film, but in those areas showing the film on multiple screens, Columbia will insist that both the sub and the dub be shown. Yay for our side!

8/10/02 - Reminder: KOHD preview at the Egyptian -- Just a reminder for the lucky dogs who live in or near LA. The Egyptian theater (as was announced a few months back) will have a special preview showing of the Cowboy Bebop movie tomorrow, Sunday the 11th of August. It won't be the dub (that's being premiered at BAAF at the end of the month), but rather the sub.

7/16/02 -- English cast to be retained! Yoko Kanno also making an appearance at BAAF! - Mike Toole of Anime Jump just posted the following press release at Anime on DVD (emphasis added to the relevant passage):


Much Anticipated Film Debuts August 30th With Widely Popular Original English Voice Cast

New York, NY - The Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 (BAAF 2002) is proud to announce that the festival will premiere the theatrical English dub version of "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" on August 30th, 8:00pm at Loews State Theater (Virgin Megastore) in New York City's Times Square. At the premiere, Cowboy Bebop director, Shinichiro Watanabe, score composer, Yoko Kanno and character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto will be on hand to meet their legions of fans. Cowboy Bebop is also currently an enormously popular animated TV show, currently seen in the U.S. on Cartoon Network. The show, which fuses compelling sci-fi elements with an amazing soundtrack, has been called one of the greatest Japanese anime imports ever. Cowboy Bebop fans have not only been eagerly anticipating the movie, but they also successfully lobbied to make sure that film included the original English-language voices they have come to know and love. Cowboy Bebop is scheduled for release by Columbia-TriStar Pictures in early 2003.

Cowboy Bebop takes place in outer space during the year 2071. Spike Spiegel, a former gangster and Jett Black, a former cop are a bounty hunting team who chase down the galaxy's toughest criminals for the price on their heads. Throughout their action-packed adventures, they are joined by Faye Valentine, a cool, confident, sexy gambler and Ed, a brilliant, teenage computer hacker. David Lucas is the voice of Spike Spiegel, Wendee Lee is Faye Valentine and Beau Billingsley is Jett Black.

Ryoko Maebayashi, Big Apple Anime Fest Coordinator, says she is thrilled to premiere Cowboy Bebop: The Movie at the 2002 festival. "Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest anime shows to come out of Japan. The English language version will be a true event and we are proud that fans will be able to see this film first at BAAF 2002.

Furthermore, Vince Averello just sent me the following:

Just got mail from BAAF - Yoko Kanno will also be at AXNY/BAAF :-)

Ah, life is so very good. :D

7/15/02 -- BIG ASS NEWS FROM BAAF! - Thanks to wen-wen of the Bebop Boards, we now know that Shinichiro Watanabe and Toshihiro Kawamoto will be at the dub premiere of Cowboy Bebop at the Big Apple Anime Fest! A look at the schedule confirms the presence of both men for a Q&A session during the premiere. Ah, if only I lived near enough to NY to attend. If you are and are planning on attending, for the love of green hair, take notes!!

7/13/02 -- Knockin' On Heaven's Door confirmed for the UK - From Anime News Service:

I recently attended a press screening of Metropolis at which I had the opportunity to question a representative of Columbia Tristar UK about their future anime-related plans. The important news is that she confirmed that they are planning a UK release for the Cowboy Bebop movie. A theatrical release is still uncertain, but a VHS/DVD release should be out early next year at the latest. No other releases are planned (rumours connecting them with the Cowboy Bebop TV series are unfounded).

7/6/02 -- Further updates from AX -- It has been confirmed that Marc Handler, the original ADR script writer for Cowboy Bebop, has been retained to do the film. Also, other Animaze staff members are said to be working on the movie. This isn't a confirmation of the entire cast, but it is nevertheless a good sign.
sources: Anime On DVD and Digital Sin.

7/6/02 -- Very important news from Anime Expo - First: the dub of Knockin' On Heaven's Door will premiere at the Big Apple Anime Festival (August 30 - September 2). That's right, the dub. So in other words, whom ever they're going to cast, has been cast. Here's hoping they made the right decision. I'm going to go ahead and leave the cast petition and letter writing campaign links at the top of this page, though, just in case. Second: the very first screening of Columbia's subtitle of Knockin' On Heaven's Door was screened at AX this week. According to those that saw it, the name was not blotted out in any way. And of course, contrary to stupid, stupid rumor, the music wasn't changed at all. Take that, AICN!! sources: VinceA, Micheal Wilson, and the Anime on DVD forums.

6/23/02 -- Cowboy Bebop: The Movie?! Goddamnit. . . - From Anime News Service:

Daniel has obtained the following from the Egyptian Theater (Hollywood) Catalog:

The Cowboy Bebop movie will be showing Sunday August 11 at 5 p.m. at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. As mentioned earlier, the title has been changed from "Knockin On Heaven's Door" to simply "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie". It will be presented in Japanese with subtitles. Running time seems to be 120 minutes, which is around the same time as Jonah's R2 version; thus no content should be edited post-9/11 as rumoured. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the original in raw or fansubbed format, and I can't make it to see this version. Therefore, if there's anyone else who has seen the film and who can make it, feel free to do so and report on anything that could be edited. (such as the rumoured Yoko Kanno music).

I second the motion; if anyone makes it to this showing, please, please take notes and send in a report. As for Yoko Kanno's music being edited, personally I'm not a bit worried about it. I saw the original "report" about that on AICN; the story was full of holes and the source was far from reliable. It does seem to be the case that they're renaming the film to "the movie" instead of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", though. >_< Thanks to Roger Smith for pointing out this news to me.

6/08/02 -- KOHD screening - TONIGHT! - From Digitalsin:

The "My Reality: Contemporary Art and the Culture of Japanese Animation" anime film festival at the Tampa Museum of Art on Ashley Street in downtown Tampa will screen the Cowboy Bebop motion picture, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" tomorrow evening (June 8th) at 7PM. Admission to the film is free with museum admission. For more information, contact the Museum at (813) 274-8130.

The question on my mind is, will this version be one translated professionally by Columbia (subtitles only, since no one has been cast for the dub yet), will it be one of the bootleg translations floating around, or will it perhaps be the untranslated Japanese version?

4/24/02 -- Dub cast still in the air. - Big Big Truck is back from ACen and has compiled a report of the events. Interesting quotes from the Melissa Williamson panel:

"When asked whether the Bebop English voice cast would reprise their roles in the Sony / Columbia-TriStar release of Knockin' on Heaven's Door, she responded that 'nothing is definite yet, but we've got our fingers crossed.' Considering that several Animaze voice actors appeared in the Sony/CTS release of Metropolis, I'd say prospects look good, although, as Ms. Williamson said, nothing is definite yet."
"Apparently, Sony/CTS had originally wanted to do a rush release of the film in time for Halloween of 2001, to coincide with Bebop's first televised run in the US. (Remember, the Japanese theatrical release date was September 1.) Of course, after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the story material of the movie was still too sensitive to be received well, and the release was postponed."
"On the English adaptation: "We loved the Japanese version so much - we felt it was perfect already, so we really drew from that. Sometimes in an English dub you have added dialogue where in the original version, there's silence. We didn't do that. We did not add dialogue. I think Bebop tells more without dialogue than any other anime. . . We had kind of an unusual setup. I felt David was our strongest, most confident actor, so we'd do three episodes at a time... he'd come in and record one and a half episodes, then we'd get the rest of the cast in so they could play both off him and off the original Japanese version, then we'd bring David back in to finish it up"

Go read BBT's complete report, it's worth the time.

4/24/02 -- Teaser trailer on Metropolis DVD; strange anamoly - If you picked up the recently released Metropolis DVD, you'll notice that included among the extras is the teaser trailer for Knockin' on Heaven's Door. The peculiar thing is that the English words "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" have been blotted out from the trailer. It has been speculated that this is because Columbia is worried about rights to the name (since it's a reference to a Bob Dylan song). Hopefully, this is just a temporary quirk on the trailer or perhaps Columbia is trying to add anticipation by being cagey about the name of the piece? Either way, it is to be hoped that the movie will be released under the appropriate name.

3/12/02 -- Dub cast semi-confirmed - A news bite from Cowboy (in English, no less) mentions that they "heard from a credible source", the same English cast will voice the movie as did the TV series! Right on! This is pretty much a confirmation, but I'll still be sure to print the official word when it comes out.

1/25/02 -- Cowboy Bebop movie licensed - That's right. Columbia/Tristar has licensed the Cowboy Bebop movie "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." This news comes from Anime News Service, who got a press release from Columbia/Tristar stating that a trailer for "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" would be on their "Metropolis" DVD. Is this good news or bad news? To me, the answer to that question will come when the English voice cast is announced. I'll be keeping my ear to the ground on the subject.

1/25/02 -- R2 DVD released - For those unwilling to wait for the English release (and who can speak Japanese), you can order the R2 DVD from CDJapan.

12/08/01 -- An interesting development for the Cowboy Bebop movie I'd heard rumors of this before, but now it is confirmed: Columbia/TriStar is "aggressively pursuing" the rights to "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." To me, this can only mean one thing -- a theartrical release. Read Anime News Network's story here

notable songs: See the CDs page.

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