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premiere air date: November 11, 2001
summary: Flipping through various channels on his TV, Spike sees Faye-Faye on the screen. It seems that she has joined the cult Scratch in order to rid herself of debt. Looking a little bit deeper, Jet and Spike discover that the leader of Scratch, Londes, is wanted for a whopping 38 milion Wulong bounty -- the real reason behind Faye's desire to abandon her body and live "in the infinite sea of electrons" (Scratch's raison d'Ítre). Armed with very little information, Spike, Jet, and even Ed (electronically, of course) go in search of Londes. All of their searches turn up fruitless. No trace of the man can be found anywhere. A call from Faye sends Spike off to help her; meanwhile Jet buys a game console that purportedly scans the brain into the net, allowing Scratch members to abandon their bodies. Jet, Ed and Ein work on hacking the Scratch website, while Spike goes to face Londes alone. You know, right up until Brain Scratch I found CB fun and enjoyable, but not imperative, if you follow me. I mean, I could take it or leave it. Some days, I was in the mood for it, some days not. I actually didn't get the last DVD until a month or two after I had watched the fifth disc. Something about Brain Scratch, even though it is not a "plot" episode, lays the ground for the ending of the series. I think it does have something to do with all five members of the crew acting as a cohesive whole, perhaps for the first time during the series. The feel is of the crew, for one brief shining moment, acting like a family.
rating: A+++

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