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To download or read further information on a track, click on the links for each song title. Lyrics, performers, episodes, etc. provided where available. Please refrain from direct linking any of the downloads. If you must link to a song, link only to the HTML cover page for the file.
  1. Blue
  2. Words We Couldn't Say
  3. Autumn in Ganymede
  4. Mushroom Hunting
  5. Go Go Cactus Man
  6. Chicken Bone
  7. The Real Man
  8. N.Y. Rush
  9. Adieu
  10. Call Me Call Me

  1. Ave Maria
  2. Stella By Moor
  3. Flying Teapot
  4. Wo Qui Non Coin
  5. Road to the West
  6. Farewell Blues
  7. See You Space Cowboy... [hidden track]