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Flying Teapot

length: 3:32 minutes
disk: OST 3: "Blue"
music by: Yoko Kanno
vocals: Emily Bindiger
musicians: New York Musicians info: A bittersweet song for to everyone's favorite Faye-Faye. It's used well in the episode, but moreover it's an excellent musical description of Faye - even leaving out the words. Sarcastic with a sense of humor, but still hurting inside, and with a touch of na´vetÚ. That's the feel I get from this piece. I must say, I love Emily Bindiger's voice. I wonder if she has any jazz albums out that I could buy?
sessions: My Funny Valentine
lyrics: by Tomoko Tane -

Sometimes I think, oh yes, I'd move to
Where all the shooting stars are gone
With all of our wishes

How could they bare oh no to carry
Around the stupid human hopes
So I'm going to help, I will!

Give me a key to lock
The door to the secret paradise
There are so many queuing up
And I won't let them in
Look at them
They are cheeky
They are never worthy to be saved

Sometimes I feel, oh yes, I could do
Almost everything I wanted
And it makes cry

*Lay your heart, lay your soul
Upon my magic carpet
Now we are flying
To Venus just to kill some time for tea, OK?
Remember, surrender
There's nothing you can do 'cause
Love's such a joke
Like a little jack-in-the-box, you know

A little jack in the box