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Who'd have thought so many people would want to know some damn fool theory of mine? I didn't I can tell you. ;) Since I've gotten so many requests for my theory about Jet and Faye, I decided to make a page about it so I don't have to keep remembering and rallying my arguments at each e-mail.

First let me say that I've seen all 26 episodes many times and I've examined the characters. What they say, how they say it, and especially their body language. Very often there's a dichotomy between what the character is saying with their mouth and what they're saying with their body.

Jet is the best example of this. Many people look at him through the entire series as a hard assed, tough skinned stoic whose harsh view on life precludes tender feelings. If that's what you think of Jet, I have to say that you're only looking at half the picture. Jet is a guy whose bark is worse than his bite. Most of the time his soft underbelly is revealed through his constant worry about whether people are eating right. To Ein: "Bean sprouts are good for you!"; Ed: "Ed wants chocolate!" Jet: "Guess I'll [catch the bounty head] alone, then."; To Spike: "Maybe [Faye and Ed] just aren't eating right, you know? It's a known fact that human beings go crazy if they don't eat!"; To Spike: "I'm sure if the girls could just eat some sukiyaki with meat. . ." and so on, and so on. Jet is too "tough" to express his affection in words, so he expresses it in food. One the most beautiful expressions of this love in the whole series is the farewell scene between Spike and Jet in "The Real Folk Blues, pt. 2." It goes to show just how well Spike knows Jet, that he came back and asked for Jet to cook for him one last time. Jet is just sitting there, with that indescribable look in his eyes. I love that scene. You guys are going to laugh, but my eyes are honestly getting moist as I write about it.

Now, what does this have to do with Jet's relationship with Faye? Well, it's only when you realize how wrapped up Jet gets in the people around him, that you might consider what I propose is their relationship. I think that Jet felt more than friendship for Faye, then he had a kind of love for her. Not exactly sexual love, but something with a romantic basis just the same. Now, what makes me say that are his particular "attentions" to Faye, if you want to call them that. Jet is the one who goes after Faye in "Jupiter Jazz, pt. 1"; and do you notice the little smile on Spike's face when Jet claims that the only reason he wants to find Faye is the money she stole? Like I said, Spike knows Jet really well, perhaps better than he knows himself. Spike's smirk suggests to me that he has the same suspicions that I have. Another incident occurs in "Speak Like a Child": Jet is all fired up about getting rid of Faye's tape, until he starts seeing what's on it. Spike is bored by it, but Jet absolutely has to find out this little bit about Faye. Then of course, there are the scenes from "Hard Luck Woman", with Jet's concerns for Faye. She's acting weird, is she eating right? Maybe she's sick. . . etc, etc. And as I stated earlier, Jet very often expresses his affections, his tender, easily wounded feelings, through food. Even in "My Funny Valentine", an episode in which Jet barely appears at all, he is sort of planted into the middle of Faye's back-story by the Sunrise staff - when Faye runs out to the highway to flag someone down, a ship suspiciously similar to Jet's hammerhead passes her by. Almost makes you wonder what would have become of Faye if Jet had found her in that fragile, emotionally susceptible state, doesn't it? Before she was betrayed, before she closed herself off from trust.

The other part of this equation is Faye. Do I think that Faye is in love with Jet? Not a bit of it. I do think she has an affection for him and that she is a woman who desires trust and protection, even while she shuns and reviles those things. And what she desires most is perfectly suited to what Jet desires to give the most! Jet is a man who wants to protect those he loves, and never is that emotion more often revealed than in his dealings with Faye. But what, you're going to ask, about Faye's feelings for Spike? Well, I am one for saying that Faye may have had a crush on Spike but I think those feelings are transient. What she wanted most, Spike could never give her. This, of course, is pure speculation on my part. I'm not totally set in my ideas about Faye; some good arguments could probably convince me that something else is going on with Faye. I am, however, pretty set in my ideas about Jet. The more I watch CB, the clearer it becomes to me.

Now, there are sure to be some people out there who feel that if Spike had been able to forget the past and live on, he would have eventually come to love Faye. I am not one of those people. Frankly, Spike has never shown the slightest interest in Faye. Even if he were able to get over his past and fallen in love again, I don't in a million years think that it would be with Faye. There will be people who disagree strongly with me there but I hold to my opinion. ;)

Anyway, whether Spike and Faye would have made a good couple is really irrelevant at this point; bridge under the water. Spike gave up his life, in classic film noir style. The question is, what happens after the ending we're given? I think that most people will agree that Jet and Faye go on to be bounty hunters together. I personally project that Jet and Faye will eventually get together as a couple. Maybe before that happens, Jet will even stop being a stoic long enough to give Faye some comfort. I kind of hope so, but I don't think that he's reached that point of intimacy with her, that he could show his emotions openly.

Well, there's the theory! Sorry it was so long, but I had a lot to say. ^_^ If you wish to argue the point with me, I'd welcome an e-mail about it. However, make sure you think out your arguments before you write me. Don't just say something like, "Spike and Faye 2gether 4ever!" or you'll get a mighty wonk from the clue hammer. :p