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premiere air date: October 7, 2001
summary: This episode begins with the revelation that Faye has gone, seemingly for good. Giving as the excuse that Faye cleaned out the safe, Spike and Jet have Ed dive the net to try and find her. What Ed comes across instead is the name "Julia." Spike bounds out like a man obsessed while Jet argues with him; they need to find Faye, he says. Spike leaves the Bebop on bad terms with Jet; it seems he has gone for good as well. As Spike goes to out to find Julia, Jet goes seeking Faye. I don't want to give too much plot info away, here. Jupiter Jazz (both parts) is one of the best episodes in the series. You can't help but feel compassion for the characters, all hungering for companionship, and not being able to see that what they need is right there. Mmm. It just has such a great atmosphere to it, film noir almost. What is it about sad sax music and snow that go so well together?
rating: A++

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