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Piano Bar I

length: 3:23 minutes
disk: Mini-Album "Vitaminless", CD Box Set
music by: Yoko Kanno
musicians: Mark Soskin
info: A blues number on the piano. Sounds very New Orleans to me, but I could easily be mistaken. Yoko Kanno sez, "I composed this song with the 'joke', 'In the end, I STILL didn't make any money again today, as usual,' in my mind." Funny thing, up until I started writing the info for this song, I thought that it was Yoko Kanno playing the piano here. I should have know by the improvisations (both Mark Soskin and Y.K. have very distinct styles of improv).
sessions: Honky Tonk Women, Ballad of Fallen Angels, Heavy Metal Queen, My Funny Valentine, Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui