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premiere air date: September 9, 2001
summary: Fan service! This episode begins with focus (and I do mean focus) on a new character: Faye Valentine. Sexy, self-assured, and carrying an arsenal capable of defending a small nation, Faye makes quite an entrance. Apparently, this lovely lady is deeply in debt, and must make a deal with a casino owner/crime boss to clear herself. Meanwhile, Jet and Spike, following advice Jet got from Charlie "Yard bird" Parker in a dream (I'm in love with Jet. You gotta love a guy who even dreams about Bird), go to try their luck in the Casino of this very crime boss. A small mix-up on Faye's part and all hell breaks loose. Fun stuff here. Another mostly comedic episode, Faye's intro is perhaps an even better one that Spike's was, although admittedly the first time I saw it I hated Faye's guts (she's such a ho in this episode)
rating: B+

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