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23 Hanashi

length: 4:52 minutes
disk: Cowgirl ED O.S.T, CD Box Set
music by: Yoko Kanno
vocals: Soichiro Otsuka
musicians: The Seatbelts
info:23 Hanashi is the main theme song of the episode Brain Scratch, hence the name. (Means literally, "Episode 23") The strange, otherworldly electronic sounds which play at the beginning serve as the theme for SCRATCH. The second half plays only during the conclusion of Brain Scratch. The way this piece plays to the episode in question is sheer genius - just as Ed cuts Londes' "cord", the song itself switches gears to the soft tones of a boy soprano, breaking the harsh, impersonal coldness of the electronic melodies. The boy soprano theme plays under Jet and Ed's final lines and Faye and Spike's greeting, adding a sweet poignancy to those scenes which helps to foreshadow the events of Hard Luck Woman.
sessions: Brain Scratch