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premiere air date: December 23, 2001
summary: As a commercial aircraft is landing on the decidedly middle-eastern influenced Venus colony, it is hijacked. Fortunately, Spike and Faye and Jet in the Bebop are waiting there to capture them, as they have a considerable bounty. Spike's mad Jeet Kun Do skills are noticed and appreciated by one of the passengers, Roco, who begs Spike to be his sensei. Reluctant though he is, Spike relents and gives Roco some pointers about Jeet Kun Do (the expressions he uses are paraphrases of things that Bruce Lee said in a famous television interview -- "Water can crash, and water can flow. Be like water, my friend"). Suddenly, as Roco notices some men looking for him, he gives Spike a package asking him to look after it. Later, Spike discovers that Roco has a bounty on him; upon looking inside the package he finds an extraordinarily rare plant used for curing an allergy which occurs only on Venus. As Spike learns more about Roco and his motivations, we get to see new facet to him as a character.
rating: B

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