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premiere air date: September 30, 2001
summary: Edward is introduced. And who is Edward? Edward is Edward. "Jamming With Edward" starts out with a satellite carving strange designs on the surface of the Earth. The ISSP, supposing it to be the work of a hacker, puts a huge bounty on the head of the culprit. Is there any question of what follows? Faye and Jet are eager to capture the bounty, but Spike passes on it, claiming boredom. Faye and Jet, therefore, go to the earth to search for clues, Faye examining the transmitters in the area, Jet investigating local hackers. After a lot of work with no returns, they go back to the Bebop exhausted. Unbeknownst to them, however, the hacker "Radical Edward" has also been investigating the bounty head for their sakes. Edward gives them all the pertinent information in return for a favor. "Jamming With Edward" is one of the great comic episodes of the series, owing mostly to the bizzaro character of Ed. Admittedly, some people hate Ed, but I would not be one of those people. ;) Besides the comic weirdness, there's also a nice, action-filled space scene. It's all good.
rating: A

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