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premiere air date: October 7, 2001
summary: No bounty this time, just weirdness. Jet gets swindled by Faye (he's so trusting!), and having lost all of his clothes he goes to the storage bay to get a blanket. While there, something bites him. Spike and Faye dismiss it as a rat, but soon they discover the seriousness of the injury. One by one, each member of the crew becomes a victim of this unknown enemy until only Spike is left to deal with it. The ending to this episode is truly classic. One of my favorite episodes, "Toys" still makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe itís seeing Spike cook. Maybe it's the "Lesson" narrations, which gives you an idea of each characters' quirks. Maybe it's the "space thriller" parody. Most of all I think that the comedy in "Toys" owes a lot to the English dub scriptwriters; they really start coming into their own on this episode. The flow of the dialogue and the way the characters interact feels more natural than before.
rating: A

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