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The EGG and I

length: 2:43 minutes
disk: OST 1
music by: Yoko Kanno
musicians: info: Humorous guitar and percussion piece. The title may or may not be a reference to the movie "The Egg and I." I've debated with myself on the question, and I still don't have an answer. After all, why "The Egg and I", of all movies for CB to tribute? Could it be because "The Egg and I" marks the first appearance of the famous 1940's comedy duo, Ma and Pa Kettle? The music to that movie isn't particularly memorable (at least, through all the times I've seen the movie, I can never recall the music). It just seems kind of an obscure choice.
sessions: Heavy Metal Queen, Jamming With Edward, Jupiter Jazz, part 2, Mushroom Samba, Speak Like A Child