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The Singing Sea

length: 4:40 minutes
disk: OST 2: "No Disc"
music by: Yoko Kanno
vocals: Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
musicians: New York musicians info: Technically, this song never plays during the series. A piano and voice version plays during the episode Ganymede Elegy, but this particular arrangement never made it to television. It's a shame; the sax choir is so choice. It's funny, two of the Cowboy Bebop songs that I listen to the most never appeared on the series (The Singing Sea and Fantaisie Sign).
sessions: none
lyrics: by Chris Mosdell -

The singing sea
The talking trees
Are silent in a noisy way

The stars are bright
But give no light
The world spins backwards everyday

Hey, look at at that

A rainbow rat
A checkered cat
Go tail in tail along the road
The mouse is pleased
The moon is cheese
The sun is shining hot and cold

A golden bird
Today I heard
Sitting upon a silver branch
His little song was very long
Which made me sad and start to laugh

Hmm, let me see

My sister's he
My brother's she
But there is only me in the family
When I grow up
I'll go down
The river to the Singing Sea