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premiere air date: November 4, 2001
summary: As Ed would say, "Swooooooky!" Make sure you turn off all the lights when you watch this episode. And remember, the serial killer that's about to call you is already inside your house. "Pierrot" starts out with some very grotesque murders by a freaky, almost cartoony character wearing an insane grin. Spike comes upon the scene and is spotted by grinning man. He's beaten within an inch of his life, but manages to escape. As Spike is recuperating, a message comes for him from the murderer. Meet me at the party, he says. Spike, being the headstrong dumb ass that he is, goes to meet this killing machine. The confrontation takes place in an appropriately Batman-esque place, an amusement park. As Spike fights "Mad Pierrot", Jet and Ed find out who this freak of nature really is. Every dimension of this episode is brilliantly executed. The pared-down, glassy music, the surreal imagery. Even the CGI, which in most other productions I find obtrusive, adds to the unreality of this episode. It doesn't hurt that "Pierrot" is a love letter to Batman: The Animated Series. Not live action Batman, or comic book Batman; Batman the brilliant, fantastical animated series. This is a message to all of you who think that only Japanese animation can be good! Even the Japanese mark the greatness of some American productions.
rating: A

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