Jet Black home about the latest the players episode guide downloads gallery miscellaneous merchandise links age: 36
place of birth: unknown [presumably Ganymede]
weapon: West-German Walther P99
ship[s]: Bebop, Hammerhead
ship specs: both rebuilt by Jet; Bebop - secondhand space trawler; Hammerhead - reconstructed Sack Fish. Both ships were originally fishing boats.

description: The man with a plan. The world-weary stoic. All this and a jazzer, too. Jet is a former member of the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP) turned bounty hunter. He's an excellent mechanic, an able cook, and a pretty good nurse (or "nursemaid" if you feel like being derogatory towards Spike or Faye ^_~). Jet is the glue that keeps the Bebop and her crew together.

voice actors: John (Beau) Billingslea / Unshô Ishizuka

Download Mr. Billingslea's voice reel

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