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Cowboy Bebop: Session 1
Voices by Koichi Yamadera, Unsho Ishizuka (1998, Bandai, 125mins, unrated, dubbed and subtitled, also on DVD) There may not be a dearth of actual cowboys in this Japanese sci-fi series (which also airs weekly on the Cartoon Network deep in the p.m.), but there's plenty of bebop. From the funky, jazz-album-cover-inspired credit sequence on each of the five episodes collected here to the easy, off-tempo attitude of bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, Bebop lays down a stone-cold violent, futuristic grove. Sure, some of Spike's adventures may be a little strange - hunting down cyberdogs, pregnant interplanetary drug dealers, and really important casino chips, to name just a few - but they're definately worth sampling. (And if you like, hunt down sessions 2-6) B+ - Marc Bernardin

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