The Jazz Messengers First Anniversary Giveaway home about the latest the players episode guide downloads miscellaneous merchandise links gallery On September 22nd, The Jazz Messengers will have survived one full year. Surprised? I know I am! In celebration I'm giving away a few items of Cowboy Bebop merchandise. The DVD and the graphic novels I had to use my own resources to get (luckily I had a few gift certificates handy), but the lovely DVD box was created and donated by Design Paul Champagne, Inc. Isn't that nifty? Make sure you make a visit to Paul's web site and see his other sah-weet DVD boxes. I'm particularly blown away by his View Askew box, which was commissioned by Kevin Smith himself. I'm also pleased to see that ADV has recognized his talents and is having him do the official Gasaraki box. Unfortunately, Paul is prohibited by Bandai from mass producing the Cowboy Bebop boxes, cool as they are (luckily he happened to have a few left when I e-mailed him about my little contest). However, he does create custom DVD boxes on order, so if you have an anime series that you don't see a box for on his site, e-mail him and ask if he can create a custom box for you.

I just want to say, Paul Champagne kicks ass. He's the only one who would give me the time of day when I asked for a donation for my contest. And for that I am much obliged. :) Please at least visit his site to show your appreciation.

Now then, on to the contest(s). The rules are simple: Makes sense? Then let's get started:

Contest #1: DVD collector's case
Joseph Pugh

Trivia: On what date did Cowboy Funk originally air on Cartoon Network?
Answer: February 14, 2002 (I also accepted February 15, 2002)

Contest #2: Session 6 DVD
Jenny Martz

Trivia: What are the names of the three old guys who appear in various episodes?
Answer: Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim (I also accepted the common mispellings of those names, like "Jobin", "Jovin", etc.)

Contest #3: Cowboy Bebop manga volumes 1 & 2
Esperanza Gomez

Trivia: What is Ed's lesson in Toys in the Attic?
Answer: "If you see a stranger, follow him!" (I didn't accept "Don't leave things in the fridge" or "Don't eat pudding" or anything else - Sorry, there was only one answer here!)