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At long last, I've created a page for the action figures and models of created for Cowboy Bebop. It's a little tougher to find these babies than the other products, so it took some time. I've tried to make it as complete as possible, but there are probably some things missing. I'll have more to add to this page once Bandai starts releasing it's US line of Cowboy Bebop merchandise.

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Spike Spiegel Ball-Jointed Doll (1:3 scale)

price: 69800 at Smart Doll
manufacturer: Smart Doll (Japan)
features: 60cm (23.6") tall posable BJD of Spike Spiegel. As with all dolls of this manufacture, you can remove clothes, hair, eyes, and hands, feet, head and chest can be swapped out for alternates parts (sold separately). Also comes with a stand and gun. This was a limited release doll and is no longer available from Smart Doll.
Spike action figure
Spike Spiegel Action Figure

price: $11.99 at Toys From The Outer Limits
manufacturer: Kaiyodo (Japan)
features: a 6" tall action figure of Spike Spiegel. Includes a stand with a red rose in a "puddle" of water.
Spike action figure
Spike Spiegel Medicom figure

price: $39.99 at Toys From The Outer Limits
manufacturer: Medicom (Japan)
features: 12" tall, fully poseable, includes Spike's Jericho. (no stand)
Spike 12 inch figure
Faye Valentine Statuette #1

price: unknown - no longer available (might possibly be released in the United States by Bandai)
manufacturer: Epoch (Japan)
features: Finished, painted statuette of Faye
Faye statuette 1
Faye Valentine Statuette #2

price: $169.99 at Animenmore
manufacturer: Epoch (Japan)
features: Sculpted by Yukio Ageta, fully painted resin statue, 15"
Faye statuette 2


Bandai's Anime Collector Series: Cowboy Bebop

price: $16.99 at Big Bad Toy store
manufacturer: Bandai (USA)
features: non-posable Spike, Faye and Ein figures; premade model of Swordfish II with removable missles
Cowboy Bebop Anime Collector series
Swordfish II model kit - 1/72 scale

price: $21.99 at Gundam Store and More
manufacturer: Bandai (Japan)
features: snap together model kit of the Swordfish II, 1/72 scale. Includes two 1/72 figures of Spike, and three larger figures of Spike, Faye and Jet (unpainted). Assembly required.
Swordfish II, 1/72
Swordfish II model kit (larger, more detailed)

price: $99.95 at Animenation
manufacturer: Yamato Toys (Japan)
features: Crafted by the best Japanese sculptors at Yamato Toys, this imported resin model kit of Spike's Swordfish II fighter from the Cowboy Bebop movie is a masterpiece model for serious, experienced modelers and collectors. Once assembled from the 30 pre-painted pieces, the Swordfish is completely articulated, complete with folding wings, flaps that open to reveal detailed interior mechanics and a cockpit hatch that can be opened. The Swordfish is 7.5" long with a wingspan of 8 inches and comes in a handsome presentation box.
Swordfish II, detailed
Redtail model kit - 1/72 scale

price: $28.25 at Hobby Link Japan
manufacturer: Bandai (Japan)
features: model kit of Faye's Redtail. Includes figures of Faye, Spike, Vicious, Ed and Ein, and a stand for the Redtail. Assembly requried; limited availability.