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Green Bird

length: 1:54 minutes
disk: OST 2: "No Disc", CD Box Set
music by: Yoko Kanno
vocals: Gabriela Robin
musicians: Yoko Kanno
info: Pretty chorale song played during the climactic scene in Ballad of Fallen Angels. When I first watched the scene in which this song is played, that was the moment that I truly knew that Cowboy Bebop was something special.
sessions: Ballad of Fallen Angels
lyrics: by Gabriela Robin -

[note: the song itself isn't in Japanese, but rather a language "Gabriela Robin" uses for her songs. The lyrics written here are the "translation" of the song.]

in Japanese:
[from Anime]

haru ga kita
chimushi ga kao wo dasu
kotori ga mushi wo taberu

haru ga kita
kodomo-tachi wa gakkou e iku
nora inu ni koinu ga takusan umareru

haru ga kita
onna-tachi ga kagami ni mukau
tamago no PAI ga yaki agaru
in English:
[from The Shrine to Green Bird]

Spring has come
Bugs stick their faces out of the ground
Birds are eating them

Spring has come
Children go to school
Stray dogs are bearing many puppies

Spring has come
Women face mirrors
Custard pie bakes