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The Jazz Messengers: A television viewers' guide to Cowboy Bebop home about the latest the players episode guide downloads gallery miscellaneous merchandise links 8/23/21 -- I'm an alchemist, the beat is my base metal - Photo drop of the live action Cowboy Bebop. John Cho looks fantastic. You can see more fabulous photos at The Verge. The live action show is set to begin on November 19th.
Unrelated, while I may from time to time make updates to this website such as this one, I'm probably not going to take the effort to make it updated to HTML5 nor to have a responsive design. I would love for the site to be those things, I'm just not up for the effort! Maybe sometime I'll do it to update my frontend skills but at the moment I already have a full plate.

3/30/21 -- We're getting pretty close to that gate accident, huh? Hey ya'll, been a while, eh? If you're visiting this site you should be aware that updates are not really what I do here, but I have enough of a reason to do so now. I was asked to appear on a future episode of The Bebop Beat Podcast, specifically their episode for Sympathy for the Devil, give it a listen if you'd like. Tangentially related to that, I have both the English UT and the Japanese UT available here since I no longer own cowboybebop.org. Back in the day I used to long to know what the footnotes say on the Japanese page, now Google translate gives me a pretty readable version (2001 Google translate was nowhere near this coherent, believe me I tried). One more thing, since I'm updating anyway: I used to ponder how the hell Faye's suspender setup works. I know it's implied the suspenders attach to her shorts but NO WAY does that work with the type of fabric they appear to be (they look very silky and drapey in most drawings). Well, someone invented a solution and Facebook tried to sell it to me - note that this is a lingere website and therefore NSFW.

2/14/19 -- or maybe un-bang, like getting a secret a cyborg body?! A good buddy of mine put forth the hosting fee for this year! We're good until 2020. Maybe I'll be making more money then or have less debts, and we can keep this going forward forever. Here's hoping!