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The Jazz Messengers: A television viewers' guide to Cowboy Bebop home about the latest the players episode guide downloads gallery miscellaneous merchandise links forum 3/15/13 -- Mass Effect Cowboy Bebop shout-out - Man it's been so long since I updated I don't even have Dreamweaver installed anymore, I'm using a damn text editor. Anyway, been playing the greatest game ever made, which I'll be honest I didn't like much after the ending was released, but it has fully redeemed itself with the newly released DLC, Citadel. I'm talking bout some Mass Effect 3 over here. Steve Blum was good enough to take the opportunity to do a Cowboy Bebop shoutout during the DLC, and I have uploaded it for your pleasure.

2/5/09 -- Restoration - I re-uploaded cowboybebop.org and started paying the hosting fee again. It seemed appropriate since they're making a live action version. This way people searching for information about "that new Keanu Reeves film", they might accidentally find out about an awesome anime instead.

12/17/08 -- Your Neutralness, it's a beige alert. - Live action Cowboy Bebop has been officially confirmed. If I don't survive, tell my wife hello.

12/17/08 -- Bogus adventure. - Ain't it cool news has an interview with Keanu "Stone Face" Reeves about the upcoming live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. So its looking more and more as though that, barring Keanu's succumbing to his long struggle with Tetanus, live action Cowboy Bebop is go. Boo.

8/1/08 -- Party on, dudes? - Sorry I'm a bit late with this update, surely everyone has heard by now that there is a live action Cowboy Bebop on the way. This news has been reported in several places and for now seem legit. To be perfectly honest, this news doesn't really fill me with glee, because I expect it to be miscast, misdirected, and all around screwed with in ways not befitting it's legend. The first sign that perhaps Fox doesn't quite get Cowboy Bebop is that Keanu Reeves is set to star as Spike. Thanks to SXS for the article on the casting. Remember SXS?